Five most useful Windows 10 Travel apps for Travelers

Travelling has never been easy but thanks to a ton of apps and services we have been able to plan our travel better. From flight booking to sightseeing everything is covered by apps and Windows Store has a fascinating set of Travel applications. Another aspect of travel at least for me is to ensure that the things are planned to the second and also make sure that the travel associated with travel planning has been reduced to a greater extent.

Travel apps for Windows 10

Most travelers would want to install these apps on their Windows 10 PC and Windows 10 Mobile Phone. Let’s have a look at some of the best Travel Apps Windows has to offer and see how good they are.

1. TripAdvisor

Travel apps for Windows 10
After having used TripAdvisor for more than five years this is one tool I simply can’t live without. Lately, TripAdvisor has picked up quite a lot of features including. TripAdvisor lets you book hotels, sightseeing, flights and also check out the fun things to do. The best part, however, is the vivid reviews, yes the reviews are so detailed that it has often helped me make or break my trip to certain locations. Also, the user uploaded content including the pictures give you a more realistic view of things are. Download it here.

2. Skyscanner

Booking flights are one of the trickiest affairs of traveling. Before I used to hop around a bunch of websites to find the best price for a flight ticket. This entire exercise was not only tiresome but most of the times extremely futile. Skyscanner is one such great service that lets you choose the cheapest flight between any given two destinations. It’s more like a flight aggregator and leads you to its partner site for booking.
The app searches between millions of route among 1,000 of airlines and not only helps you save money but also time. On a personal note, I would suggest you take a second look at the booking site since I found out that some of the sites don’t have the best of policies especially when it comes to cancellation terms. Download it here.

3. Uber

Well, Uber has been in the fray recently for bending regulations and it has also raised some severe questions about sharing economy. All that aside I have personally preferredAirbnbb as opposed to the other local traveling options. While most of us opt for metros or public transport during out travels there are some occasions when we prefer to have our private car.

Uber lets you book a cab on demand and will also shield you from local scams like meter tempering. The ride estimate is given up front and you can set the payment method of your choice. The best part is that new Windows users in the US will get their first ride up to $15 free of cost by using the code MSFTWIN10.

4. Microsoft Translator

Yes, don’t be surprised, Microsoft Translator can be your best buddy while touring and I realized this the hard way. My recent trip to China underlined the importance of Translator as I was able to transcode the conversation line by line and also translate the sign boards. The best part is that you can also converse in foreign languages with your friend. Furthermore, the app also lets you hear the translated phrase so that it is easy for you to pronounce. Download it here

5. XE Currency

Managing your finances during an overseas trip is not just cumbersome but confusing as well. Especially with the local exchange rates set in motion, things can turn out to be ugly. Yes, you can choose to install a bunch of other currency converters on the Windows Store but XE Currency is one of the most comprehensive ones. The currency converter works on a real-time basis and can also work offline as well. Download it here.

Any of your favorites that I missed?

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