Free WiFi Password Revealer & Finder software for Windows PC

Many people often tend to forget the WiFi password that they just used to login to a WiFi network on their Windows Computers. Thankfully, computers running Windows, store this password internally so that they can automatically log you in next time you are in that WiFi network’s range. But the real problem is faced when there are multiple networks that you can use and you need to use that password to log in from your other device as well. That other device may be an Android phone or an iPhone. These devices are not so tightly connected and integrated with a computer running Windows, that the password is synced automatically. Hence, the user faces difficulties in getting the WiFi password. But the developers at MagicJellyBean have come up with a simple solution. They call this WiFi Password Revealer.

With this tool, you can just check almost all the details bound to all the saved WiFi networks on your computer. These details include the SSID, Password, HEX Code, Authentication, Encryption as well as the type of connection. Let us now check out how we can use this tool to check the passwords of the saved WiFi networks.

WiFi Password Revealer & Finder software

WiFi Password Revealer & Finder software

The WiFi Password Revealer file weighs just 2.5 Megabytes. Once, downloaded, run the file by double-clicking on it. Hit Yes on the UAC prompt that you get.

Now, just follow the on-screen instructions as you install the software.

After it is done with the full installation, just run it either from an entry in the Start Menu or from a Shortcut on the desktop.

It will display all the information you need. You can click on the drop-down menu called view to show and hide data about the HEX Codes and the networks with empty passwords.

Extra Features and Points to Ponder

Some of the extra features and advantages this program provides a user with are as follows:

  • It can decrypt passwords encrypted with WEP, WPA, WPA2, WPA-PSK,WPA2-PSK encryption techniques.
  • It is totally compatible with a wide range of versions including the latest Windows 10.
  • You can even use this with Windows Server.
  • Works on systems with either of 32-bit or 64-bit architecture.

The developer has also listed some notes about the same. They are,

  • To decrypt stored passwords on the machine you are scanning, you need to have Administrator rights.
  • When the network has WPA encryption the retrieved password will be as 64 HEX digits. You can still use these characters like real password for internet connection.

You can download WiFi Password Revealer from here. It is not a Wi-Fi password sniffer or stealer. It will only show you your saved Wi-Fi passwords.

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