Best websites to send unlimited SMS to mobile phones in any country


  1. Are these FREE?
    I used to get SMS, on my PC, from my phone provider but that stopped years ago. Obvously it was much easier to type on my PC rather than my phone so I tried a few “free” SMS sites and found that my contacts received adverts or were even asked to pay to read my SMS.I also started receiving more unsolicited call on the mobile number I had registered so I gave up.
    I then found a paid for SMS service on my PC, but for some reason that also ended.
    So, does anyone recommend one of these services?
    AND – how can they do it for FREE!

  2. Hello WCS.Tony. To be honest, I don’t know how/why they are providing such service for free. But, I have been using Way2SMS for a long time now and I haven’t spent any money on this. Also, my friends haven’t got any adverts on their mobile (2 of my friends just confirmed that) after receiving SMS from any of these online SMS senders.

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