How to watch free Movies online legally

You might be wondering, is it possible to watch free movies online legally? Yes, it is, and it’s very easy too. There are several options available to users on the web, but since these are free platforms, don’t enter with the expectation of watching the latest Hollywood offerings.

Watch free Movies online legally

Watch free Movies online legally

Here’s a list of best places on the web to watch free movie content that is worth your precious time.


Watching movies on Crackle is a decent experience due to the large number of old movies the service has on offer. If these movies and shows are your jam, then you’ll gain a lot of mileage out of Crackle without a lot of fuss.

Now, since Crackle is totally free, you should go in expecting some ads here and there, but that’s just a small price to pay, and for us, it’s not a problem. It’s just similar to watching movies on a regular TV channel where ads take center stage every 20 minutes.

Bear in mind that despite only having older movies, the content is still based on quality over quantity.

Download the Crackle Windows 10 app here.


By now, everyone who watches movie content online should have heard of Popcornflix. It’s the place for those who prefer to watch movies than TV shows, and that’s what Popcornflix brings to the table.

There are only 1,500 movies available on the service, so not as impressive when compared to others on the list.

Visit the website here.

Top Documentary Films (TDF)

How much do you love watching documentaries online? If that answer is a lot, then TDF is the perfect service for you. It’s a place on the web that is dedicated to documentaries, and that makes it unique.

The shows are all organized in different categories, and users can search through each category to easily find the content they’re looking for.

TDF gives a great experience, but unfortunately, we’ve yet to come across any documentary that is highly professionally done.

Watch TDF here.


That’s right; it is possible to watch movies on the Google-owned video platform. Just venture to the Movie section, and from there, scour for free films to watch.

Since it’s YouTube, you can be sure the quality is top notch, and there’s little to no stutter while streaming.


If you want a service that has over 10,000 films to choose from, then take a trip to SnagFilms. It’s becoming one of the best spots on the web to stream movies, though not the fastest streaming service you’ll come across.

Now, to get the chance to watch movies, users are required to sign in using their social media accounts from either Facebook, Twitter, or Google.

Watch SnagFilms here.

Tubi TV

With over 40,000 movies, Tubi TV is a great option for watching free content. The website has managed to sign agreements with movie studios to stream a lot of their films for free, and that bodes well for the future.

It’s very easy to stream shows on Tubi TV. Visit the website, find your favorite movie, and begin the viewing experience. There’s no need to sign in, but if you do, just go ahead and take advantage of the exclusive account holder features.

Watch Tubi TV here.

Pluto TV

Not only is Pluto TV great for streaming free content, but it also works as an on-demand streamer as well. With this service, you can pick from several categories to find your favorite films, and guess what? Pluto TV is not limited.

You see, folks can watch shows on their PC, or they can choose to download the Android app and watch content on their mobile device of choice.

Download the Windows app here.

Let us know which one you prefer!

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