VirtualDesktopManager: Open Source tool to manage Windows Virtual Desktops

VirtualDesktopManager is a third-party Open Source free tool to help users get more than one user interface simultaneously on a single computer, to basically help you distribute your workload. This tool is basically meant for users of the built-in Windows 10 Virtual Desktops, but do not like the default key-binding or do not like to the fact that you cannot cycle through your desktops. Once you have the tool set up, you can cycle through the desktops with easy and quick shortcuts, via its system tray icon.

VirtualDesktopManager Review


This simple-to-use ingenious portable Windows app requires no installation. Simply download the app from the link highlighted at the end of the article as a zip file, extract the contents of the file and run the application VirtualDesktopManager. exe.

Once done, it adds an icon to the system tray to indicate which desktop you are on. It is essential that you have at least two virtual desktops set up, so as to switch to a different desktop. The desktops are invariably identified by their number. Whenever user switch desktops, the number updates automatically.

For convenience, the app user can use Task Scheduler to launch the app whenever he logs in so he does away with the need to launch it every time manually.

The default key to change the the desktops is Ctrl+Win+Right/Left. But the tool helps you add a hotkey for this purpose so, you don’t have to perform the Ctrl-Win-Left operation multiple times to get back to your first desktop. Just one operation and you are there. The program is specifically designed for people who prefer using Windows 10’s built-in Virtual Desktops, but who don’t like the default key-binding.

One small feature worth noticing is the appearance of the icon in the system tray blends right in with the look and design of Windows 10.

VirtualDesktopManager has certain shortfalls. For instance, to avoid cramming of tray icons, the program only supports up to 9 virtual desktops. If you try exceeding this limit, it will crash. The user has to relaunch the program if explorer.exe crashes. If you try switch between desktops too quickly, windows on different desktops will try to gain focus.

It needs to undergo some more tests to check how well it will handle suspend/hibernation events. Hotkeys are statically coded in, so if you want to configure them, you’ll have to modify the source.

Nevertheless, this Virtual Desktop Manager software is something you may want to check out. It is available for download on Github.

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