How to open and view RAW files on Windows 10

The RAW image file format contains a minimal amount of processed data from the camera hardware and hence brings in high quality and more detailed images. This is the reason RAW image files are usually very high in size. If you work in the area of photography, you might feel the need to view and work with images of RAW file extensions. Microsoft has released their Raw Image Extension for Windows 10 v1903, which will add support for RAW file extension on your computer.

View RAW image files on Windows 10

How to view RAW files on Windows 10

The Raw Image Extension adds native viewing support for images captured in RAW file formats. Installing it will add support for all the RAW image file extension excluding CR3 and GPR.

In order to start adding support for images with RAW extension, you need to download and install the extension from the Microsoft Store.

Once that installation is done, just reboot your computer.

Now, full support for RAW image extension files will be added to the computer.

You can open these files in the Microsoft Photos app, as well as other software. You will also be able to see the thumbnail of these images in File Explorer.

This extension is still in BETA stage but is publically available and support for CR3 and GPR too is going to be available soon.

Earlier, users were expected to install the third-party software or Microsoft Camera Codec Pack to view and work with RAW files – but now this extension makes things easy.

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