Trick to view multiple pages in Word 2013 at once

When working in Print Layout view, you can display & view multiple pages on the screen at the same time. Word 2013 supports this feature. This proves handy especially, when you have a large, high-resolution monitor and would want to see two pages side by side to check for correct spacing when printing out planner pages. Let us illustrate this feature in Word 2013.

View multiple pages in Word

Assuming you have a blank document page opened, switch to ‘View’ tab. It’s on the extreme right.

From the section, select ‘Print Layout’ option.

Print Layout option

Now, keeping the View tab in an active state, place the mouse cursor in the text of the first page you want to view in the multiple-page view. Then, from the Zoom section chose ‘Multiple Pages’ option as shown in the screen-shot below

View multiple pages in Word

You should now find 2 pages displayed side-by-side. The pages will be reduced in size so as to offer multiple pages view. All though this view is good for viewing multiple pages in a single shot, it is not so for reading the document.

2 page view

To switch back to a single page view, click “One Page” in the “Zoom section of the View tab. The page in which you had placed the cursor displays, but reduced in size display. To zoom back to regular size, click “100%” in the “Zoom” section.

Now, for viewing more than two pages at a time, click the “Zoom” button in the “Zoom” section of the “View” tab.

Instantly, the “Zoom” dialog box shows up. You can zoom to desired percentage, widths, or the whole page. For viewing multiple pages, select the “Many pages” radio button.

Zoom box

Next, click the monitor button below the radio button. Now, you are in a position to select the number of pages you would wish to view at a time from the drop-down menu.

Radio Button

To have a preview of the settings, hit the “Preview” button and it will show how the pages are displayed.

Finally, click “OK” to finalize the changes and close the “Zoom” dialog box.

To undo the changes made, click the “One Page” button. To go back to viewing your text at 100 percent, click the “100%” button.

I hope you find this tip useful.

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