Video Speed Controller for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome

Many of us have a habit of streaming a lot of video content on the Internet. We browse for documentaries, tutorials, fun content, or other walkthroughs. The video industry has always been a really powerful source to spread information. The world has been witnessing filming to be a huge part of influencing people and spreading this information.

A team of developers that go by the name CodeBicycle came up with an idea. They built this extension called Video Speed Controller for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers. By leveraging the use of this application, the user can now control the video playback on the supported browsers more precisely. With the help of easy to use shortcuts, you can control the pace of the video playback in the browser.

Video Speed Controller add-on for Firefox and Chrome browser allow you to Speed up, slow down, advance and rewind any HTML5 video with quick shortcuts. It will help you customize their HTML5 Video playback & optimize video viewing by letting you to make quick playback speed adjustments, and more! will help users.

This extension is only compatible with HTML5 video. If you don’t see the controls showing up, chances are you are viewing a Flash video.

Video Speed Controller for Firefox

If you use Mozilla Firefox, just follow this link. The link will take you to the extensions page for Mozilla FireFox directly.

Now, there will be a button highlighted in blue that would say Add to Firefox. Click on it. Upon clicking on it, it will download a very small sized extension to your computer and Mozilla Firefox will give a pop up. Click on the Add button and this will install the extension of your Mozilla Firefox browser.

After it gets installed, you can now assign manually what key on your keyboard would execute what function.

For that, click on the extension icon on the top right portion of the browser. This button is available beside the hamburger button.

When you click on it, you will see a pop-up showing different options. Among the list, click on Settings. This will redirect you to a new page with all the options available for you.

Video Speed Controller Extension Firefox

Here, you can assign shortcuts to Rewind, Advance, Reset Speed, Decrease Speed, Increase Speed, Preferred Speed, Show/hide controller or hide the controller by default. You can set different timings for different functions. You can Rewind Time, Advance Time, Speed Change Step, Preferred Speed and you can even get the extension Remember Playback Speed for the next video playback.

Video Speed Controller for Chrome

Video Speed Controller Extension Chrome

In order to install Video Playback Controller on Google Chrome, first of all, navigate to this link. After that hit on the Add Extension button. This will download a very small extension file to Chrome. And now Chrome will prompt you to install this extension. After you say Yes to that prompt, it will install the extension of your Google Chrome browser.

Now, in order to customize the settings, find the icon of the extension on the top right corner beside the hamburger button. Then click on Settings. This will take you to a new page. This page will be similar to the one we saw with Mozilla Firefox and will provide exactly the same functionalities.

The only permission that this extension need is to Access your playback settings and elements. This means that it will just be able to check if your video that is being played is an HTML5 embedded video or if it uses Adobe Flash. However, it will not work with Flash Plugin for Videos.

Let us know how you like using this browser extension.

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    Quantum is the fastest browser now!

  2. Video Speed Controller

    If you’re looking for a simpler alternative, where you only need to remember a few hotkeys, check out – It even has a special hotkey: Shift + Up to instantly speed up to 4x: Great for skipping past pesky video ads!

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