Best free Video Game recording software for Windows 10

You’re a gamer and considering the possibility of recording games for the purpose of uploading to YouTube and other media websites. Well, we’re here to say it’s not difficult, and you’re not required to spend any money on recording software either. At the moment, there are several free screen recording software available today on the web, and many of them are worth your time. What we’re going to do right now, is talk about some of the Game recording software you should be using if you’re recording video game content from a Windows 10 computer.

Free Game recording software for Windows 10

OK, so let’s get things going so that you can locate the tool that’s best for you.

1] Open Broadcaster Software (OBS)

Best free Video Game recording software for Windows 10

What we have here is a tool that is open-source and quite flexible due to its features on offer. To begin streaming, users are not required to make any special changes to the settings, and that’s perfect for beginners.

Folks can record their gameplay or stream it side-by-side, but despite how simple it looks, there’s a learning curve here. Worry not though because it’s worth it and it shouldn’t take very long for users to get an idea of how things work after their first stream.

We like the fact that it records in MP4, and that it uses the GPU in the computer to improve performance. As it stands, then, if you have a powerful graphics card, you’ll have a blast using OBS for the long-term. Download Open Broadcaster Software from the official website.

2] NVIDIA GeForce Experience

Chances are you’ve been prompted to download this program if you have an NVIDIA graphics card installed on your computer. What’s great about it is the fact that it comes with ShadowPlay, a software that allows gamers to record content with relative ease.

By now most well-established content makers on YouTube must have heard of ShadowPlay, and from what we’ve come to understand, it’s not bad at all. Now, it’s much better because it uses the NVIDIA GPU to handle encoding, and that’s awesome because you wouldn’t need a super-powerful computer to record stuff.

ShadowPlay is also a great program for recording content in 4K, but you’ll need to have a powerful NVIDIA GPU for that along with a 4K display. Bear in mind that only NVIDIA GPUs are supported here, so if you have a Radeon from AMD, try another.

Download NVIDIA GeForce Experience via the official website.

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3] AMD ReLive

OK, so you do not have a Nvidia graphics card. Therefore, ShadowPlay is useless to you. Worry not because there’s AMD ReLive, and yes, it only works with AMD cards. It does pretty much the same as its Nvidia counterpart, but it also comes with unique features.

You see, AMD ReLive comes with the option to upscale recorded content. If you can only record in 1080p but would rather upload a 4K video to YouTube, then use the upscale feature to get your video to the desired 4K resolution, and you’re good to rumble.

It should be noted that AMD ReLive only supports RX Vega, 500 Series, and newer graphics cards. Download AMD ReLive via the official website.

Enjoy gaming!

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