Unable to load directory results says Skype on Windows 10

Skype is one crucial but sometimes, a bothersome application. While Microsoft has been bettering upon issues reported by Skype users all these years, some known problems remain unresolved. One such case is with the error – Unable to load directory results.Unable to load Directory Results

This error occurs whenever the user tries to search for contacts. Since most conversations are picked up from saved contacts on Skype, this error could cause work stoppage.

Skype Unable to load directory results

The primary causes for the issue in the discussion are as follows:

  1. Issues with the shared.xml file: Problems with the shared.xml file are known to cause the above-mentioned error, especially with the Skype for Desktop version.
  2. Firewall preventing the functionality: At times, Windows Defender Firewall prevents certain functions in Skype including the directory loading results.
  3. Corruption of the cache: Just like many other applications, Skype also saves a cache folder. If the files in this folder become corrupt, it would prevent the directory from loading the contacts.
  4. The Skype application might have gone corrupt: Some files of the Skype application might have gone missing or corrupt.

To troubleshoot this problem, proceed with the following troubleshooting sequentially:

  1. Delete the shared.xml folder
  2. Disable the Windows Defender Firewall temporarily
  3. Delete the cache folder for Skype
  4. Re-install the Skype application.

1] Delete the shared.xml folder

If the shared.xml folder goes corrupt, it could cause the problem. We could delete it to resolve the problem. Don’t worry; the file would rebuild itself.

Press Win+R to open the Run window and type the command %appdata%\skype.Run command

Hit Enter to open the Skype application data folder.

Locate the shared.xml file in this folder. The file could also be inside the Shared folder.

Delete the Shared folder

Restart the system.

2] Disable the Windows Defender Firewall temporarily

The Windows Defender Firewall can prevent some legit functionalities in Skype and other application in Windows. We could disable the Windows Defender Firewall temporarily to isolate the issue.

3] Delete the cache folder for Skype

The corrupt cache folder could prevent the Skype directory from loading. We could delete it as follows:

Press Win + R to open the Run window and type the command %appdata% . Press Enter to open the AppData roaming folder.

File the Skype folder and delete it.Delete the Skype folder

Restart the system and check if it helps in resolving your problem.

4] Re-install the Skype application

In some cases, Skype’s files might be missing or corrupt. In such a situation, re-installing the Skype application could be helpful.

Click on the Start button and then the gear-like symbol to open the Settings window.

Go to Apps> Apps and permissions.

Locate the Skype application. Right-click on it and select Uninstall.

Uninstall Skype

Restart the system once the app has uninstalled.

Hope it helps!

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