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If you have been playing UFO: Alien Invasion, an open-source strategy video game, for a while and have liked it, there is good news. The UFO: Alien Invasion version 2.4 is available for download! The game’s development team recently released long-awaited and updated version of the game, version 2.4 with dozen new maps and dramatic speed improvements.

What exactly is UFO Alien Invasion

Well, UFO Alien Invasion is a game in which a player fights brutal aliens that are trying to take control of the planet Earth.

How do you play the game

Simple, you build up bases, make a team, and get engaged in a combat. In short, you have to prevent invasion of your area by aliens. The carefully designed turn-based system offers you pin-point control of your squad over enemy and at the same time maintains steady pace of the game.

The game is heavily influenced by the X-COM series. It is based on a modified id Tech 2 engine, and is compatible with both, Windows OS and Mac OS.


The game includes two main modes of play namely,

  • Geoscape mode – In the first mode, i.e. Geoscape mode, the game is all about base management and strategy. This mode gives you the chance to use new technologies in battle against the aliens. In addition, you can build, buy and produce anything as long as your budget allows it and even launch interceptor aircraft to shoot down UFOs. Geoscape mode also employs easy-to-use time buttons to control the passage of time (the game can be paused anytime without interrupting the play and resumed when required).
  • Tactical mode – Here, you are supposed to take the command of your team in various missions to fight against the aliens wherever they might appear. You can use fire weapons, grenades and other equipment to accomplish your mission. Note that mission objectives vary for each mission and the difficulty level rises with each subsequent mission.

Changes included in UFO: Alien Invasion v2.4

  • Dozens of new maps to battle aliens
  • Changed sound effects for weapons
  • Support for smoke and incendiary effects
  • Rescue soldiers in dropships shot down by aliens and retreat from battles
  • New skirmish options to save squads and respawn aliens
  • Improved speed

As mentioned earlier, UFO: Alien Invasion v2.4 is compatible with both, Windows OS and Mac OS X.

UFO Alien Invasion download

The game can be downloaded from here. for free. Go and get it – I am sure that you will like it.

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  1. William Whiley

    I tried it on vista 64x, and it keeps crashing. There is no troubleshooting for that, all is lost.

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