10 best useful free Twitter bots to follow

It’s surprising to see how Twitter handles millions of tweets, things trending, direct messages and others all at the same time. The micro-blogging social network has become a popular platform for posting and interacting via messages known as ‘tweets’. Specialized services like Twitter bots are enhancing the utility of the platform even furthermore. A Twitter bot is a type of bot software that controls a Twitter account via the Twitter API. Today, we look at some of the best and useful free Twitter bots to follow.

Best free Twitter bots you should follow

Best Free Twitter bots you should follow

Twitter bots, as they’re known, help users manage their daily online chores like posting automated tweets, tweeting reminders, Calendars and more. Here’s a list of 10 free Twitter bots you can follow.

  1. @_grammar_
  2. @nice_tips_bot
  3. @GooogleFactss
  4. @TwoHeadlines
  5. @netflix_bot
  6. @DearAssistant
  7. @WhatTheFare
  8. @Timer
  9. @dscovr_epic
  10. @DownloaderBot

Twitter Bots are generally considered as spammy. However, not all of them are bad. Some really help in making the Internet a better place.

1] @_grammar_

You can move beyond standard grammar correctors by following Grammar Police. The Twitter bot can detect tweets that have improper usage of grammar, and then suggest solutions. If you happen to be a social network addicted guy, this bot is just the right choice for you.

2] @nice_tips_bot

We rarely care to follow simple advises in our life that can help us develop good habits. Nice Tips Bot is a robot that tweets little useful life tips multiple times a day that can help you improve and follow the right approach in life.

3] @GooogleFactss

First thought that strike us when we cannot find the answer to a question is to Google search it. Google Facts Twitter bot has similar use. You can use its service to learn new things every day.

4] @TwoHeadlines

On many occasions, the crux of the issue can be understood in entirety, just by reading its headline. But what if you pick two completely unrelated headlines, and randomly mash them together? Interested in finding its outcome?? Simply follow TwoHeadlines! The bot mixes headlines of two separate topics and tweets the result. Warning! It can make you roll on the floor laughing.

5] @netflix_bot

Netflix commands the greatest share of streamed TV viewing, If you are a Netflix user, you can choose to keep yourself updated with the latest stuff coming up on Netflix by following Netflix bot. It tweets new releases on Netflix Instant as they happen.

6] @DearAssistant

Dubbed as a mini version of Siri, the Twitter bot can answer your questions just like Apple voice assistant Siri and others like Google Now or Cortana. A good feature about @DearAssistant is that it is an open-source project. As such, anyone can build upon it.

7] @WhatTheFare

It is an ‘Uber bot’ that can help you find or estimate the fare of your ride. All you need to do is tweet your pick-up and drop-off locations and the bot will automatically do the calculation part of your Uber fare!

8] @Timer

Set time via this bot to remind yourself about things like meeting time, visiting a venue and others. The bot really makes it simple to set a timer because it shouldn’t be a chore. 5 minutes is the minimum amount of time that you can set. Timer 3.0 is coming soon!

9] @dscovr_epic

A better way to start your day apart from sipping coffee is to admire some breathtaking images. You can follow this bot, which tweets some of the finest images of the Earth, as captured by NASA’s DSCOVR satellite. The images bear description alongside time and location information.

10] @DownloaderBot

For someone who prefers to download videos to watch them offline, @DownloaderBot comes across as one of the finest creations. It helps you to download twitter videos and gifs easily. Simply mention @DownloaderBot in a tweet that contains a video or gif and the bot will return with the link for download in seconds.

Any I missed?

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