Turn off Skype audio alerts for Group Conversations in Windows 10

Skype messaging service is configured by default to notify you when you receive a new message, emitting a sound. If you’re engaged in something important and would like to avoid any distractions, you can disable or turn off Skype audio alerts for group conversations on your Windows 10 PC. Don’t worry, you always have the option at hand to turn on the audio alerts later, if you do not mind receiving the constant new message alerts.

Turn off  Skype audio alerts for Group Conversations

turn off skype audio alerts

The course of action will help you disable alerts for a group conversations, as it will mute all the audio alerts you get every time a new message is sent in the group. All the messages will be seen flashing on Skype’s taskbar icon as a badge on the conversation.

For disabling the conversations for a group, open Skype and navigate to group’s settings.

Once there, uncheck the option reading as ‘Notify me when something new happens’.

Alternatively, you can try the following trick. Simply type the following line of text in the chat window and hit enter. Your friends or group members will not see the message displayed in their chat window.


Now, if you would like to enable the conversation for a group, type the following and hit Enter.


Please note that the function of these commands is similar to ‘Notify me when something new happens’ option in a group’s settings, but they offer a much quick solution for toggling the feature On/Off.

These tricks come handy when you are forcefully added to a work group where you feel you shouldn’t belong to and where people rather than posting assignments or work related stuff, discuss trivial issues.

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