Turn Off Data Execution Prevention (DEP) for Particular Program


  1. This does not help with the fact the options too control DEP are greyed / faded out making it physically impossible to do this, and doing the command that is suppose to reanable that which is bcdedit.exe /set {current} nx Optln it says that line does not register even though that is the proper command, because apparently DEP does not allow me to play Final Fantasy 13 if DEP is on, but if DEP is off i’m not allowed to play any of my other steam games online because it blocks VAC anti cheat shield on Valve servers, so here is some adive get rid of DEP microsoft, we don’t freaking want it, it useless and causes us nothing but headaches.

  2. Hey, I’ve already followed the following procedures and when I go to the DEP in “Performance” setting in the “Advanced” of System Properties, both options weren’t click-able (fade), and there’s a note on the bottom of the window, it says, “To use these settings you must be a computer administrator and you must use the bcdedit.exe file.” Can anybody help?

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