1. cristian


  2. PJBeee

    See my post here to do this on the same machine:


  3. jay64

    gee thx msft that’s just greatg unles your f***ing hd fails azzholes

  4. Robert

    You cant manually move UsersAppdataLocal manually because UsrClass.dat is in use (along with some other UsrClass files), its your current user profile. I have used the feature in Windows 7 to move the location of the user profile from the default boot drive to another drive and now that I am trying to do the reverse I have forgotten how i got around not being able to move UsrClass.dat. So I think I am just going to use the Windows Easy transfer tool to move to another profile period, I recently bought a game that will NOT launch with the user profile on a different drive then the boot drive. Since the move will not complete windows does not change the location of the User and you cant do it from another admin account because the Location tab on that folder is not there.

  5. Skexis

    Can’t you log in as Admin then copy the user acct to its new location?

  6. fireskyer

    Where is the folder location in the profile for the desktop settings (taskbar, look etc.).

    grüße fireskyer

  7. Nancy

    Did you ever receive an answer to this question? I would also like to know if you have found the answer to this please.

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