Transcend SSD Scope : Maintain a healthy and efficient SSD

One of the most significant advantages of using software and hardware built by the same company is they can deliver the best results. SSD’s from Transcend is widespread, and they happen to have their software for SSD — Transcend SSD Scope. The software offer features that can help you to maintain a healthy and efficient SSD.

Transcend Drive Status Transcend SSD Scope

Transcend SSD Scope for PC

Available only for Transcend SSD, it offers tools which can help you to optimize the SSD performance,  and determine the hardware condition.  It provides:

  1. View Drive Information, S.M.A.R.T. Status, and Health Indicators
  2. Diagnostic Scan
  3. Secure Erase
  4. TRIM Enable
  5. System Clone
  6. Firmware Update

If you have multiple Transcend SSDs, switch between them from the top of the software.

Features of Transcend SSD Scope

1] View Drive Info, S.M.A.R.T. Status, and Health Indicators

S.M.A.R.T. Status

This section displays drive information and S.M.A.R.T. (Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology) status. It’s a monitoring system which can share the health status of HDD and SSD.  That way, you will be warned before hardware failure.

Also, the health indicator gives you a fair idea of the state of wear-out level of a Transcend SSD

2] Diagnostic Scan

SSD performance using Transcend SSD Scope tool

The regular scan makes sure you have an eye on the data stored on the Transcend SSD.

3] Secure Erase

If you are giving away your SSD or changing it, it is best to use this feature to remove all data on the SSD permanently.

4] TRIM Detect & Enable

TRIM is a feature for SSDs only. It tells the OS that there is a data block which can be reused making it faster for OS to find it. The advantage? It results in faster access and storage of files. Since OS doesn’t have to guess, the re-writes are less, and the health of the SSD gets better.

5] System Clone

Close SSD using the software

If you are planning to change SSD, use this program to create an exact copy of the OS. It will include all the programs, drivers, etc. All you will need is to switch and select this drive as the default boot drive.

5] Firmware Update

Lastly, the firmware update makes sure the SSD performs and offers the performance you always wanted.

You can download Transcend SSD Scope from

That said, overall the software looks great, easy to use, and I wish every OEM come with a software like this.

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