Do you really need an SSD or Solid State Drive?

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  1. Infeliz

    Does triple level cell performace a lot better than a regular hard disc?

  2. Ankit Chawla

    Yes, it definitely does.

  3. Matt Thompson

    It isn’t just a little faster on boot, or desktop applications. An SSD just destroys any 7200RPM HDD on performance. I boot Win 10 in 4 seconds on my SSD! Also, that point about getting jostled around is valid. Since any HDD spins and a SSD does not, the SSD is going to hold up longer and data loss is less of fear with the SSD. I would say to anybody right now, upgrade to a SSD, especially, especially, if you are running 10.

  4. Mama Bear

    so how do you know how to compare the hard drive storage to the solid state storage??

  5. Matt Thompson

    It is more expensive, gig to gig. But the prices are coming down on m.2 SSD and NVME SSD drives. With cloud storage, external hard drives and similar stuff, I can’t understand why people want these 1 plus terabyte drives on their computers. I think, given the complexities of Windows 10, that it is foolish to keep MASSIVE storage on your main computer. You have the propensity to lose data that way. Running a 512 GB SSD with an external terabyte HDD is the way to go IMHO. And use cloud storage also. Even if you are running Win 7 or 8, an SSD is a good drive to use given the speed.

  6. Mama Bear

    thank you Matt, I really do appreciate your taking time to answer my question. I am beginning to look for a new laptop to replace a desktop and can not figure how to even look for the SSD. So you basically keep your files on an external drive (or cloud) and keep the machine free of the clutter. Right?

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