Top 10 Windows 10 Mini PCs to buy

Mini-PCs are all the rage right now and with good reason. They are portable and efficient devices which work almost as well as a desktop system. They are obviously cheaper, work on lesser power and come in some incredibly sleek designs. The customization available on mini-PCs are also pretty advanced, and specific to users’ needs. Until 2015, mini-PCs were not the ideal devices for gaming or even video editing. But in the last two years, gamers are becoming more and more curious about mini PCs.

Best Windows 10 Mini PC to buy

Here are the best mini PCs to buy right now:

HP Pavilion 300-230 Mini DesktopBest Windows 10 Mini PC to buy

Possibly the most efficient and responsive mini-PC there is. It is brilliantly user-friendly and has a Core i3-5005U 2.0 GHz processor and 4 GB RAM. It is also very light and easy to carry around, and this one also works takes up lesser power than its competitors. It has provisions for better connectivity and also has multi-display, which is a blessing for gamers. You can buy this mini-PC from HP’s website.

Intel Skull Canyon NUC

Probably one of the priciest mini-PCs available in the market, it is a worthy investment. It has a super efficient desktop, and though you need to set it up with the RAM, storage drive, it works great when put together. Though a pretty expensive system, the cost is well justified by the features and even more the quality of the internal hardware.

Besides stellar audio and substantial storage, thus mini-PC is also a great leap in gaming mini-PCs. Even pro gamers are impressed with its graphics and designs. If interested, grab the system from Amazon here.

Gigabyte BXi5-4570R

One of the best-reviewed mini-PCs, this model has an Intel Core i5-4570R 3.2GHz processor. It has incredible rebooting capacities and has 16 GB of RAM.  You can make the best use of this mini-PC if you get an advanced graphics card. It’s not as light as its sleeker competitors, and yet makes a great case for a gaming-cum-work mini-PC.

Kangaroo Mobile Desktop Pro

This mini-PC has a regular and a pro version, and while the later obviously costs a little extra, it’s the one which is recommended by most. The pro model has better graphics, better storage and even a bigger dock with extra USB ports. One of the sleekest mini-PCs around, this model is basically a box, with an Intel Axomx5 processor, Windows 10, and 2GB of RAM. This PC is also better used if you get a little extra storage, although you probably won’t need a graphics card for this one. While you won’t find it on those usual online shopping portals, you could buy it from their own site.

ASUS VivoMini

ASUS has been revolutionizing gaming like nobody else, and the mini-PC obviously is a stunner too. Though it is a little more expensive than the other models, it has incredible storage and equally good storage. It has an Intel Core i5 6200U processor and 8GB of RAM. It has been hailed as an out and out ‘performance model,’ owing to its impeccable graphics which make it a great gaming machine. It has Integrated HD graphics, wireless keyboard, 802.11ac Wi-Fi & Bluetooth 4.1 and HDMI, DisplayPort, DVI-D Outputs. It also has a Gigabit Ethernet for accessing the Internet.

Lenovo ThinkCentre M700

Almost as cool as its name, the ThinkCentre M700 is one of the very few models which have a 6th Gen Intel processors and has even been tested under military level environment, subjecting it to the brutal environment and external jarring. It famously has low dust intake and will not scratch easily. It has 6 USB ports and is also surprisingly light, considering how powerful it is. Don’t think it’s any way a compromise with an i3 processor instead of better ones. The solid internal hardware fills up on everything else.

HP Elite Slice

The HP Elite Slice is the sleekest and the best-looking mini-PCs around. So much so, that it almost looks custom made. It has one of the best processors and SSD storage and is incredibly priced considering how great it looks. It has 16 GB of RAM, and you probably won’t need a graphics card for this. But it does not have an SD card slot, which has put off gamers from this model, in spite of the fact that it has great graphics. While this unique laptop isn’t available the cliche online stores, it could be bought from HP’s website.

Acer Revo One

This model doesn’t just have a 2.1GHz Intel Core i3 processor but also a 1TB hard drive. It’s small and sleek, and though not the best Acer performer, it is definitely one of the most stellar ones. It has two USB 2.0 ports and already has Intel HD Graphics 5500 pre-installed, which might be its biggest takeaway. The Revo One’s design also has also been applauded. Acer Revo One is available from Amazon here.

Dell’s Inspiron i3050

Possibly the best-looking mini-PCs of this year, Inspiron is sleeker than most mini devices. Its look is simple, but its a great performer model. It has 2.41GHz Intel Dual-Core Celeron processor, 32GB of storage, both USB 3.0 port, and USB 2.0 ports. One of the best options for binge-watching, as it runs on low power. But might not be the most useful for video editing purposes. While the processor is obviously not a high end one, it is one of the best options in its price range. You could purchase it from Amazon.

Samsung DP700

The metallic look of this model was an instant USP for the millennial market. It’s also one of the most well-designed mini-PCs. It has a 6th generation Intel Core i5 2.7GHz processor, which is great as it also has Windows 10 pre-installed. It also boasts of 8GB RAM and an AMD Radeon video card. It has great audio and graphics, which makes it a perfect gamer’s buy. If interested,  Samsung DP700 could be bought from Amazon here.

Mini-PCs are futuristic in more ways than one, especially since, makers are seriously updating its graphics game. Binge watching, media editing, gaming, download, a mini-PC is more or less equipped to do it all, and yet it is important that you prioritize while investing in one. If you’re primarily buying it as a traveling companion, to watch videos, do not go for a model with gaming specifications. If you’re a gamer, don’t go for one with low-quality graphics.

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