Best Instant Messenger Chat Clients for Windows PC


  1. I use the online site In addition to chat it provides both public and private chat rooms that can be customized and embedded in other web pages.

  2. What I hate with meebo and other similar solutions, is that they keep forcing some taglines next to (or under) my name. Cool services, but can be irritating sometimes lol

  3. what is a good messenger that also has chat rooms are there any i tried meebo and it kept freezing up or not logging in anything else out there

  4. My favourite IM service would be Hike. I specially like the free
    messaging service to non-hike users. Plus, it’s way faster than the Facebook Messenger app, which I also use heavily. For more articles you can visit

  5. If you like desktop sticky notes than there is a program ShixxNOTE 6 net which is also Instant Chat Messengers for Windows. But instead of some dialog GUI users communicate with colorful desktop notes which can be send and received instantly. Also you can send program notes to more than one user 😉

  6. Please note that Yahoo is very different now, and not in a good way. Also, you CAN NOT ACCESS Yahoo Messenger using ANY 3rd-party programs anymore, including those mentioned in this article.

  7. Multi platform Skype was a quick and easy replacement that brings back a lot of features yahell got rid of a few updates ago like indicating if your friends are online or not.

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