Top 10 Fashion Game apps for Windows 10

The recent spur in fashion games can be well attributed to the fact that manufacturers have been focusing on the sector as and when they saw its scope. Since the Barbie era, the interest in fashion games was obvious, but it was explored by the app market late.

Fashion Game apps for Windows 10

Here is the list of the top 10 girls/women fashion games for Windows 10:

BFF High School Fashion

BFF High School Fashion

For those who didn’t know, BFF means best friend forever, something every high-schooler has had. The gameplay of this game is that three popular girls Natalie, Katie and Cindy are pretty popular in the character’s high-school. The character has to dress well and use her sense of style to become friends with these three popular girls. It allows users to choose their outfits, shoes, bags, clothes, etc. After that, they are invited to glamorous events. Like it? Then download it from the Microsoft store here.

Fashion Shopping Mall

Fashion Shopping Mall

The Fashion Shopping Mall isn’t about fashion in itself, but re-building a shopping mall destroyed by a jealous competitor. The story is that shopaholics were very fond of the Fashion Shopping Mall. One jealous competitor came, destroyed the mall and stole the money. He tried to steal all the blueprints as well but forgot one. Now the public has that blueprint with which they have to rebuild the mall with all brands and accessories. Get this interesting game from the Microsoft store.

Elsa Fashion

Elsa Fashion

Queen Elsa’s sister Anna encourages her to take part in a fashion show. It’s for a good cause – helping snowmen from melting. To help with the good cause, we need to help Elsa dress well. You could doll her up in the best of frocks or glittering gowns. However, make sure to do it appropriately, since the user gets points for dressing well, not dressing much. So don’t make Elsa look like an icicle. The game is available on the Microsoft app store here.

Next Top Fashion

In this game, a stylish and aspiring model is invited to the Next top model fashion show. She has to impress the judges and win the competition. It’s up to the player to use her fashion skills and help the character dress as well as possible and win the event. Next Top Fashion is available at the Microsoft store here.

Magic Hair Salon

The player assumes the role of the owner of a hair salon. She has to give her customer the “haircut of their dreams.” The customers suggest the exact shape and style they want, and you have all tools for your job. Help cut and color their hair right. Don’t worry if you cut it too much because you could use the hair grow gel to grow it back (I know it’s silly, but that’s a part of the game). As and when you advance the level, you lose a tool making your job tougher. For more information, check the app page here.

Dress Up: Royal Wedding

The Dress Up: Royal Wedding game is all about dressing up a royal princess fashionably for her wedding. Help her with her makeup, dresses, hair, etc. This isn’t a competition but simply a fun game where you can adorn your princess as per your wishes. Download it from the Microsoft app store here.

Dress Up: Rapunzel

This game revolves around the typical story of Rapunzel. The story is that this evil old woman Mother Gothel hoards a magical flower that helps her remain youthful. However, when the pregnant queen falls ill, she needs the flower as medicine. Now that the flower is used by the queen, Gothel lost the flower as well as her chance to use it. The queen gives birth to a beautiful princess Rapunzel whose hair retain the properties of the flower. The evil old Mother Gothel kidnaps the princess and confines her to a tower. Now the player has to dress her in confinement. If you like it, grab it from the Microsoft store here.

Dress Up: Disney Gown

The game Dress Up: Disney Gown involves dressing up your favorite Disney princesses and also help them with hairstyles, makeovers, shoes, etc. The best dress wins the game. Get this game from Microsoft’s store here.

Magazine Cover Girl

Fashion Game apps for Windows 10

Other than fashion shows, Magazine covers are stair-to-success for aspiring models. The Magazine Cover Girl game features top magazines, and the player needs to dress the models as well as possible to win the game. It’s available in the Microsoft store.

My Talking Angela

My Talking Angela

Interestingly, the character of the game is a cat named Angela, who has to be dressed. This addictively cute game involves exploring Angela’s world and customize her makeup, hairstyle, fashion, etc. This lifestyle game is one of the most downloaded games among the fashion ones. Being PRIVO certified, it is for players of all age groups. Despite being a social app, it’s safe for children. Download the game from the Microsoft store here.

Let us know if we missed any.

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  1. Peter Alexander London

    What have you been smoking lately?
    This is a computer website, not a little girls website.

  2. Karan Khanna

    These are apps for a Windows 10 computer. Little girls use computers as well.

    BTW, I don’t smoke. Do you? : )

  3. Alberto Gorin

    i thought fashion was more a female but perhaps also a male issue ^-^

  4. Karan Khanna

    Ya, but unfortunately, I couldn’t find enough apps for men. Perhaps, they don’t want to target that segment.

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