Best free online tools to create professional Resume or CV

If you are looking for an online CV maker or a Resume builder, then here is a list of the best free web tools that will help you create professional Resumes or creative CVs.  Some of the web tools may require you to create an account; but once you have done this, you can create and download the resume and use it further to find a job.

Online tools to create professional Resume or CV

1] Canva resume maker

Online tools to create professional Resume or CV is a popular online tool company, and the same company has made a resume maker – which is quite impressive in terms of the available functionality as it offers several options for creating a resume. You need to select the category of your resume, e.g. for students, teachers, website, startup, the local company, charity, etc. After that, you need to create an account. You can use your Gmail or Facebook account as well. You can use various preset templates which are professional, impressive, and easy to use. The best part is that you can download the resume in PDF, or any other standard image file, i.e., JPG, PNG, etc.


On too you can find various templates so that your job gets done faster. Apart from that, you can make the resume professional with multiple elements, shapes, etc. However, these options are changed based on the template you can select. The only drawback of this webtool is that you cannot download the resume. You have to share the resume link via email or any social networking website. You can get a unique URL for your resume that you can use.

3] The Ladders

CV maker or a Resume builder

Although does not offer as many options as others do, yet, it is quite popular among those who want to create their resume without using any template. The only option it provides is that you can select three different layouts. Apart from that, you can change almost nothing except your personal details. Talking about the personal details, you can enter your contact information, personal summary, previous job description, your education information, and some other info using the Custom option. After entering all those details, you can find an option to change the layout. Another setback of this tool is you can download the resume only as a PDF file. There is no option to download the file in any image format, which is required in many cases.

4] VisualCV is another free resume or CV creator for people, who want tons of options to customize the CV and make it more professional. This is probably the only tool that allows users to use preset templates as well as a blank screen to create a CV. In the Basic Editor, you can enter your name, image, work experience, educational information, the area of expertise, computer skills, etc. Like others, it has some disadvantages as well. First, it shows all the paid templates alongside free one. Therefore, it becomes quite challenging to select a free template. Second, it allows users to download the CV or resume only in PDF. Therefore, if you need to use image format, you need to take the help of a converter.

5] Kickresume

Although it has a paid version, the free version is not bad either. It offers beautiful templates based on the job category, lets you upload a photo, adds all the personal information, etc. Apart from that, you can include their current or past job information, educational background, unique skills, awards, certificates, hobbies, social media accounts and many more. The drawback of is that you cannot download the created resume in any image format since it allows users to download the resume only in Portable Document Format (PDF). However, if you need to customize the resume, you can find templates, different color schemes, various font options, etc. here on this site. The best thing is you can see an option to check grammatical mistakes, which is crucial since you cannot afford an error in your resume or CV.

There are other tools. However, these tools mentioned above are free, and they come with a lot of free templates and functionalities which are important.

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