Test Computer Monitor for Gaming & Motion Handling

Take these tests if you want to find out how good is your computer display for motion handling & gaming. You can check Eye Tracking, Persistence, Ghosting, Black frames, Motion blur, Moving images, Defective Pixels, Uniformity, Color Distances, Gradient, Sharpness, Viewing Angle, Gamma and Response Time – and see how your harware performs.

Test monitor for gaming & motion handling

These tests will help you check the following, and know if your computer monitor fit for gaming & motion handling.

  1. Eye Tracking, Persistence, Ghosting and Black frames
  2. Defective Pixels, Uniformity, Color Distances and Gradient
  3. Sharpness, Viewing Angle, Gamma and Response Time

When it comes to testing monitor, its an easy thing for customers.  Thankfully there are tools available which can help you test for many things which are usually alien. These can tell if your computer monitor meets the need for gaming and motion handling.


Test monitor for gaming & motion handling

When you open the website, expect some UFOs running on your screen. It will instantly share details of frame rate, refresh rate and pixel per second on your monitor.

1] Eyetracking: This test shows motion blur on common LCDs and most OLED displays. Short-persistence displays (such as CRT or gaming monitors with ULMB) eliminate this display motion blur, so this motion test looks different on those displays

2] Persistence: Image persistence occurs when there is something on the screen for a very long duration which can be even for 10 minutes. They usually fade off, but if on some LCDs it can leave a mark, and are visible only at darker areas of the screen.

3] Ghosting: If the monitor has a slow response time, it will display an older image as the screen refreshes. It causes a common blurring effect.

4] Black frames: If your monitor has a blur issue, this can identify that problem.

It can also do 30fps vs. 60fps, 120hz vs. 144hz vs. 240hz, PWM test, motion blur test, judder test, benchmarks, and more. The test screen compares multiple framerates. If using a 120Hz monitor, then 120fps is automatically added to this test (30fps vs. 60fps vs. 120fps) in supported browsers. In case you get to see Stutter Warning, close all apps and tabs for best results.

EIZO Monitor Test

EIZO Monitor Test

EIZO web interface can test for various things including defective pixels, sharpness, viewing angle and more. What I liked about this online application is that you can run the test on multiple monitors together.

Instead of running an automated test, EIZO takes you through each test, and help you understand if you have an issue or able to identify.

So, for example, the test pattern test is to check the image quality. If you see the circles be complete and round, and the lines in frequency pattern are smooth, it’s all good.  Similarly, you can check dead pixel against black, white, red and blue. Here is the list of other tests you can perform

  1. Uniformity, Color Distances, Gradient
  2. Sharpness, Viewing Angle, Gamma and Response Time

EIZO is a company which develops specialized monitor solutions for high-end industries like Medicine, Gaming, Industry, Air Traffic control.

Let us know if these tests helped you to identify issues and also test computer monitor for gaming & motion handling.

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