Take quality screenshots and videos with NexShot

There are quite a few software out in the wild for taking screenshots, but recently we came across a new one, and you know what? It’s now our daily driver. This thing is great, and better in many ways than the default Snipping Tool found in Windows 10. OK, so the tool in question is called NexShot, and you know what? There’s no user interface until the user takes a screenshot. Even then, the user interface is extremely minimal and blends in with the image on the screen.

Once you’ve done editing your screenshot, the user interface goes away until a next screenshot is taken. From our point of view, that makes for a wonderful piece of software that has the potential to walk right up there with the big boys.

How to use NexShot

Take quality screenshots and videos with NexShot

Using this software is pretty simple, to be honest. After the download and the install, just press Fn and the Print Screen button (Prnt Scrn) to take a screenshot of your computer’s screen. Now, there’s no option to take a shot of any particular window. Therefore, folks will have to rely on the rectangular option where they take shot manually.

Once the shot is taken, users should see a tally of buttons on the edge of the image. You can save to the computer, save to the cloud, and edit. Now, the editing tools are very simple and easy to use.

Here, it’s possible to add shapes, words, arrows, and more. Users can even decide which image format to save screenshots in, and whether or not images should be compressed when taken.

Capture video using NexShot

NexShot is not just about taking screenshots, but it can also take videos of your active screen. Press Fn + Print Screen, then click on the video icon. After that, click on the record button and watch as the magic happens.

This feature is great for folks who want to perform certain actions on their computer for another person who might be quite far away.

Overall, there aren’t much to talk about when it comes down to NexShot. It’s just a simple program that works, and quite well at that. Taking screenshots, however, is much better than creating a video.

Too bad it doesn’t have the ability to take window screenshots automatically. We hope that’s a feature the developers can add at a later date.

Download NexShot right here via the official website.

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