SVRF Tabs gives 360 Degree view of Pictures in Chrome browser

Google Chrome users can now experience breathtaking content in full 360-degree view via a new extension SVRF tabs. For people who haven’t yet experienced Virtual Reality world, SVRF Tabs comes across as a robust product on both, web and mobiles. The extension offers the tiniest taste of VR with every new tab you open in the browser window.

SVRF Tabs for Chrome browser

SVRF Tabs 360 degree image view

Chrome users can now experience a 360-degree view of any picture with SVRF Tabs. This browser extension replaces your New Tab with breathtaking VR/360 photos.

To use the application, you first must download the extension. The file size exceeds 60 MB so, it’s a bit heavy. When done, Chrome will change your current tab page to a new tab page. This is a security measure to avoid any instances of hijacking your new tab page. A pop-up will appear on your computer screen, seeking your permission to ‘Keep changes’. Allow it!

After that, a new tab page will be displayed with a beautiful landscape in the background. You can view this landscape in full 360-degree view by clicking and dragging the cursor on the image to look around.

Scroll right, left, up, down or let your browser auto-turn to show you the magic of not being confined to 4 corners, all while staying on-time!

If you would like to search for anything, simply click on the Omni bar and enter your query.

All the images load in an instant and are sourced from Flickr. You can get a direct link to the photo from a share button at the bottom left of the new tab page. In all, the extension is something minimal and enjoyable.

Since the extension is heavy (Approx 60 MB in size) so, it can slow down the speed of the browser considerably. That said, it will not freeze your system in any way, just increase the CPU usage owing to the content it has to offer. So, be careful while leaving any new tab page in Chrome open. Apart from this drawback, the extension works just fine.

Lastly, if interested, you can share your favorite photos with your friends via Facebook or Twitter by simply clicking the share button visible in the bottom right corner of your computer screen.

Try the extension today and share your experience with us about viewing photos in 360-degree view in your Chrome browser. Kick-start the new year with a new routine of VR/360!

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