Steam downloads slow? Here are ways to speed up Steam game downloads!

Gaming is a big part of Windows 10 for many users, and this has been so for all versions of the operating system. Now, the main way to game on Windows 10 is via Steam despite competition from the Microsoft Store and other competitors.

Because the Steam platform is the main entryway to high-quality video games on Windows 10, it’s safe to say whenever a problem arises, it’s pretty difficult the entire Steam gaming community will not hear about it.

Steam downloads slow

The latest issue is not the worst and it won’t stop you from playing your games, but it’s certainly annoying. You see, several users have come out to complain about the slow download of games they’ve just purchased, or those already in their library.

Speed up Steam game downloads

1] Check your network status

One of the main reasons why users experience slow downloads has a lot to do with a slow internet connection. We suggest making sure network cables if you’re using a wire, is properly inserted in all ports.

If you’re on a wireless connection, make sure there are no problems with the modem. If you feel there’s an issue, simply restart or reset the modem and try again. Now, if the problem continues to persist, then contact your network provider for more information.

2] Clear the download cache

Clearing Steams download cache is another way of fixing most slow download problems, so let’s look at what to do here.

Fire up the Steam client, then click on Steam from the top menu, then select Settings from the drop-down. Alternatively, you can right-click on the Steam icon via the Taskbar, then click on Settings.

Steam downloads slow

After selecting the Settings option, move on and click on Downloads, and from there, click on the button that says CLEAR DOWNLOAD CACHE. A small window will pop up. You only need to click on OK and wait for the cleansing to happen.

Restart your computer, then log back into Steam and check if your game is downloading any faster than before.

3] Change Steam server location

Speed up Steam game downloads

If you’re located in Asia, for example, then there’s no point for you to use servers based outside of the region. It’s best to change the server to one located in your country or one within your region.

We do this by clicking on Steam, then Settings, and finally, Downloads. Look for the option that says Download Region, and from there, select the server that is closest to your location. That the best Steam download server for you!

Click OK, restart your computer, launch Steam, and begin downloading your game again.

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