Spot Fake News sites: Fake news blocker browser extensions & plugins


  1. Thanks for sharing this on The Windows Club. I tend to be a “news junkie” and do want to know when I am on a false news site or even a satirical news site. These should make it easier for me. }:O)

  2. Thanks. We desperately need this technology. BTW, only for the first extension—BS Detector—does the article mention specifically that it’s available for both Chrome and Firefox. It would’ve been helpful to state whether or not that’s true for all of them and if there’s anything on the horizon for Edge (probably not, but hopefully someday).

  3. Or you could use your own common sense, the danger with these extensions is not only are you taking more control away from yourself, you are also allowing some one else to decide what is fake news, where do we draw the line UFO, Bigfoot, flat earth, politicians lies, conspiracies how long till anything not sanctioned by the “major new corps” which in the last year have been shown to be a whole other level of fake news and lies, how long until everything “unofficial” is classed as fake.
    Remember the Iraqi information minister during desert storm I think it was that they were winning as the tanks rolled into the city. From there point of view anything else was “fake news”.

  4. The first 2 have hundreds of complaints pointing toward biased filtering. In other words, they don’t actually filter fake news. Hadn’t seen the third one before. Giving it a go. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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