Top 10 Sports games for Xbox One

As summer approaches, few head towards the fields to play their favorite sports. While the thrill of playing it outdoors is uncomparable, thanks to all these years of the technological revolution, we have become couch potatoes. People are very reluctant to moving outdoors. This makes playing video games at home the best alternative. If you miss your favorite sport, it would probably be available as a Sports game for Xbox 360 or Xbox One.

Sports games for Xbox 360 or Xbox One

1] Madden NFL: Madden NFL has a kind of a monopoly with the American market. It wouldn’t be incorrect to say that Madden NFL is the only purchasable game in the U.S. However, this lack of competition has had no effect its developers, who strive to keep making it better.

Sports games for Xbox One

Complete with GM modes and multiple career options, the fully featured football game is available in both online and offline modes. It allows players to create their team from scratch and choose the features of the team members. But the game is slow, thus giving a lesser advantage to those in defending the position. Some say that it adds to the fun in the game.

2] Pro Evolution Soccer: In the U.S, soccer is the term used for the association football played in the rest of the world. And football for Americans is the game played with an oval shaped ball. While Madden NFL is the only choice for American football lovers, they have much more options for their soccer.

Sports games for Xbox One

If I were asked about the best soccer game in the market, the question would be answered with another question: Is it about the game in itself or the game with the most real like teams and players. And if it is to ask for the best game overall, I would suggest playing Pro Evolution Soccer.

Unlike most other sports games, Pro Evolution Soccer is more of a simulation game than arcade. It isn’t about animations here; it is that gameplay that matters. The graphics and gameplay are quite realistic. All possible effort has been made to imitate the experience of the actual soccer league.

3] NHL 2016: NHL refers to the National Hockey League. Though a less watched sport, it has its own dedicated fan following. NHL ’16 is a sequel to the famed first version NHL ’15. NHL ’15 being the debut game of the series had some flaws. They were yet to judge their user base when they launched it. But all feedback has been studied, and this is evident by the positive changes made for NHL ’16.

NHL 2016. Photo Courtesy: Microsoft Xbox Marketplace

The game has the usual GM and career modes besides the option to form leagues and playing it online. Both the NHL games are at a very basic level as per gaming standards. Being the only good enough option for Hockey lovers, they have a monopoly in this market.

4] NBA 2K16: Living in the U.S, the craze of basketball cannot be undermined. And while many games are dedicated to basketball, the oldest one in the market is NBA series. NBA 2K16 is the latest one in that series.

NBA 2K16. Photo Courtesy: Microsoft Xbox Marketplace

The developers have been refining the game for years. As of now, the game comes with awesome graphics and a realistic view. Whether you are a basketball fan or not, you would find this game nice to play.

5] WWE 2K16: WWE is the acronym for World Wrestling Entertainment. Mostly claimed to be a fake show, WWE is a thrilling sport having a huge fan following.

WWE 2K16. Photo Courtesy: Microsoft Xbox Marketplace

WWE 2K series of games is considered a veteran in the gaming market. The 2015 version of the series failed to impress many. It focused on rivalries, and people didn’t find anything different in it. But that is exactly where they have improved upon while making WWE 2K16. The featured performer is Stone Cold Steve Austin.

WWE 2K16 focuses on past games more than the recent matches. They have more than 120 performers on the disc, many of whom were stars back in the ’80’sand ’90’s. Interestingly, the new version has options to create new players using their tools.

6] DiRT Rally: Now that a racing game has to be listed on the list of sports games, it could be a huge competition for the slot. Many would try to recommend NFS or Grand Prix, but if it should be particular to the console, DiRT rally is the best bet in the market.

DiRT Rally. Photo Courtesy: Microsoft Xbox Marketplace

The graphics of the game are too realistic. When combined with the amazing sound effect, they user might get so involved with the game that he might lose track of reality. DiRT rally isn’t easy to learn or master. It would need time and patience. But once you understand the game, you would surely become addicted to it.

7] Killer Instinct: Since the very beginning of the video game era, fighting games have been the most popular ones. This is probably because fighting games test skills that other genres don’t.

Killer Instinct. Photo Courtesy: Microsoft Xbox Marketplace

One great Xbox game to which could be played in online, single-player (against bots) and multi-player mode is Killer Instinct. The game introduces a new character and a new challenge at every level. Just like the popular Tekken, it has a set of combos which if learned, make the gameplay easier.

8] Rory McIlroy PGA Tour: Golf is indeed a sport of the rich. There are a few professionals, but it isn’t like you could walk into golfing society and join the league. A financial push is needed to be a part.

Rory McIlroy PGA Tour. Photo Courtesy: Microsoft Xbox Marketplace

For those who love watching golf and dream of playing it, despite the difficulties with the actual sport, playing its video game on the console is not a bad idea. Among the few golf games available for Xbox, Rory McIlroy PGA Tour is considered the best.

Unfortunately, when we call Rory McIlroy PGA Tour the best golf game, it is because it lacks competition in the genre, not because it ranks high on comparison parameters. The players are small and the gameplay options are limited.

However, the game offers a good start with a detailed guide on the game. It includes every strategy that is used in golf. Despite the average graphics, the game gives a great learning experience for golf lovers.

9] Rocket League: If mainstream soccer has become monotonous, one could try Rocket League. It’s the same ball game but played with rocket powered cars. The game supports both single-player and multi-player modes, which could be cross-platform. Means a player with an Xbox could compete with another player on a Playstation.

Rocket League: Photo Coutesy: Microsoft Xbox Marketplace

The gameplay involves controlling a rocket-powered car to hit balls larger than them in size and score goals. It involves options like speed boost, etc.

10] Steep: Steep is an ‘extreme sports’ game in which the gameplay is set up in the Alps. The game involves 4 main activities: paragliding, snowboarding, skiing and wingsuit flying. Since most individuals aren’t as physically capable to all these extreme sports; the thrill could be experienced on the console.

Steep. Photo Courtesy: Microsoft Xbox Marketplace

To give a realistic feeling, the game uses a GoPro camera for all these activities. The game involves performing stunts like grabbing and spinning to score points and win.

The Xbox 360 versions of the games could be purchased from the Xbox Marketplace. The Xbox One versions could be purchased from third party sites like Amazon.

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