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How to Show and Hide Text in Word

Microsoft Word has an interesting feature to show and hide text you want. You may be in a situation where you do not want to completely delete the text, but should not have it in the document. Then, you can use this feature to hide text in Word.

Let us take an example of printing the document. Suppose, you want take the print of two versions of the document with different. One version needs to be printed as it is and the other version needs to be printed without some parts of the text. Then, instead of creating two Word documents, create one and hide the text. Print this document by choosing the option which lets you print the hidden text.

This way, you can have the single document which serves you to print two versions of the documents. Instead of deleting the text, hiding the text is the best option to follow. So, if you are worried of how to hide text in Word then this article is of great help for you. I will take you through step by step procedure to hide text in Word easily.

Show and Hide Text in Word

To get in to the procedure of hiding the text in Word, first create the document with the sample random text. Here is the sample document I use for the demonstration.

Select the text you want to hide. Right click on the selected text and choose Font from the menu.

Font dialog box gets opened. Under Effects section, check the box Hidden and click OK.

Now, you could see that the selected paragraph has been hidden and I could not have any idea of where my hidden paragraph has gone. Even if someone looks at this present document, there they cannot know whether the text has been hidden or not.

Now, here comes something interesting. If we start typing the text in the empty space where my hidden text was present previously, then what would happen when I show the hidden text? I tried it and typed some text in the place of hidden text as below.

So what happens with my hidden text when I show it again? Let us see it in the below section.

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Show Hidden Text in Word

So, now we have hidden the text and even entered some text in the place of hidden text. Now, if you want to view the hidden text, we need to follow the same process as above. This time select the whole content of the document by pressing CTRL+A. This selects the whole document, right click on the document and select Font.

Now, you could see that the Hidden checkbox is filled. Click on it once and it shows the tick mark which means that the whole text is hidden. Click on the check box again to remove the tick mark and it shows the whole text including the hidden text.

If you see it clearly, we have hidden the second paragraph and entered some text in the space. When we viewed the hidden text, it moved it’s position. It means that, the text we entered does not over write the hidden text.

So, to know whether there is any hidden text in the document before editing the one, you can click on Show/Hide button in Paragraph Section under Home tab. It shows you the hidden text with the dotted lines and the marks. So, you can click where you want to enter the text and avoid confusion.

This is the way to hide text in Word and view it when you want. If you have anything to add, please do share with us through comments.