Top five Shopping apps from the Windows Store for Windows 10

Online shopping is where it’s at in today’s world, and nothing much is going to change how people feel about sitting around their computer and ordering an item. Usually, we would fire up our web browser and visit a particular website to purchase things, but with apps, such is no longer exclusively the case. This post lists some of the popular Shopping apps from the Windows Store for Windows 10.

Shopping apps for Windows 10

Folks who are using Windows 10 who are looking to buy things online, will likely want to know what the Windows Store has to offer in terms of shopping apps. We’re here to say there’s a lot of options, and as such, users are going to be happy with the shopping apps we’re about to discuss below.


windows 10 shopping apps

When it comes down to shopping online, Amazon is the best spot for finding almost whatever you need. No to mention, Amazon tends to have the best prices, and deals on several items are provided on a daily basis.

The app gives the user all the necessary features to find and buy products without having to visit the official website.


We love the Newegg experience. It’s probably the best place on the web to find computer parts and accessories. Windows 10 users should find solace here if they are looking to buy the latest computer processors, hard drives, GPUs, and whatever else.



The official eBay app is no longer supported on the Windows Store, and that’s a problem for many. However, if you’re te type of person who finds it difficult to visit the eBay web page, then Explorer for eBay is a decent alternative. It’s not the best experience for shopping on eBay, but it’s the only option for Windows 10 users right now.

Will the official eBay app ever return? Probably not.


If you’re in the United States, then chances are you have heard of Kohls. It’s one of the biggest department stores in the country, which is why we’re happy there’s a Windows Store version of the app. Shoppers can download the app and purchase any product available in-store, and even accumulate Khols store rewards.


Now, there’s no official app for AliExpress, but the one we’re talking about here works well enough. With this app, the user can search for whatever product they want, and purchase it without having to leave the app.

At the end of the day, however, we’d prefer if the official AliExpress app would arrive within the store. Wouldn’t that be great? Of course.

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