Share your internet connection with Hardware Network Starter

Sharing is caring, at least, that’s what we have been told. If such is the case, then one should have no problem sharing their Internet connection with someone else. We’re certain many will have no reasons to share their web connection with someone else, but if the need arises, how about taking advantage of a Windows program known as Hosted Network Starter.

hardware network starter

Hosted Network Starter

That’s a mouthful right there, but a good mouthful because this program is not half-bad. Now, some might be saying, why do we need to a software to do this when can just share the password from our router. That’s a good way to look at it, but what if you’re just interested in a one-time share? Instead of giving up your router password then having to change it later, Hosted Network Starter could be useful in this regard.

The great thing about this software from Nirsoft, is the fact that it is portable, which means, the user only needs to unload it from the zip file then use it right away. No need to install anything, just unpack and use. Furthermore, since it doesn’t require installation, it can be used easily on any computer.

How do we use Hosted Network Starter?

When we launched the file for the first time, it didn’t take long for the user interface to show itself. Soon after, a pop-up emerges with the option for us to specify a hosted network. Here the user is required to enter the name of his or her chosen network and password. There’s a checkbox that allowed us to activate the options that says “persistent key.” This allows any app to use the key if the network key box is empty.

From here, the user can select the amount of devices they want to share internet with. The default is 10, but this can easily be changed. Furthermore, this is when the “Start” button must be clicked to get everything up and running. When this is done, the configuration screen will go away, leaving only the main user interface.

This interface displays general information about the hotspot such as IP address, MAC address, receive and transmit link speed among other things. It also shows the amount of data being transmitted back and forth. Most important, it shows the list of clients connected to the hotspot.

Overall, Hosted Network Starter is a decent enough software for those who want to kickstart a solid home network for outside users. Bear in mind that it only works with Windows 10/8/7.

Download the program from its official website right here.

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