Share your files wirelessly to nearby PCs with the new Near Share feature

Microsoft is making file sharing easier. Microsoft is introducing a feature that will let Windows 10 PCs share files to nearby PCs using Bluetooth. Microsoft is calling this new feature “Near Share”.

Near Share feature in Windows 10

Many times when in a meeting with your boss, you need to quickly send a report, or you might need to send a screenshot or a URL when you are playing on your laptop with your sibling. With the new Near Share feature, you can now wirelessly do these.

How to use Near Share

This is an exciting new feature and has been made available starting from RS4 Build 17035. So, both Windows 10 PCs must be on RS4 Build 17035+. And should support Bluetooth.

There’s a new quick action Near Share in Action Center, that is to be switched ON.

If this quick action is not visible and PCs have Bluetooth, then it has to be added. Check if it’s enabled under Settings > System > Notifications & Actions > “Add or remove quick actions”.

Now check for Share icon in various apps such as Photos, in Microsoft Edge, in File Explorer. Click on this Share button to get a list of devices including nearby PCs in Bluetooth range with the feature enabled. Select the one you want to share your file to.

near share windows 10

(Image source Microsoft)

The recipient will get a notification via Action Center to accept or decline your sent file. Once the recipient accepts, the file gets transferred wirelessly.

That’s all; it’s so simple!

Apple users will recognize this new Near Share feature similar to Apple’s AirDrop feature. As said, this new feature has been recently introduced in Windows 10 Build 17035 for Windows Insiders. Regular Windows users will get to see it in near future.

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