Set animated live video wallpaper as Windows desktop background using DesktopHut

Live wallpapers are already a thing on mobile phones, and they look good. While they consume a little more power and resources, it is not such a good idea to have them on your mobile. But laptops and desktop computers make a very good device to display live wallpapers on. Windows do not come with any such functionality, and you can only use static images as your wallpapers. The post talks about a freeware called DesktopHut that lets you apply live wallpapers on your Windows 10/8/7 computer.

DeskHut for Windows PC

Set animated live video wallpaper as Windows desktop background using DesktopHut

The tool is phenomenal and simple too. It lets you play any video file as a live wallpaper on your desktop. It can be anything you like. The tool comes in a portable form factor and can be executed directly.

Once up and running, you can select a video file to be played and hit the Play button. You can now head over to your desktop to watch it play. Playing a live image on a desktop does consume some resources, but DesktopHut makes sure minimum resources are being consumed while the wallpaper is rendered on your computer.

DesktopHut is available for all platforms including Windows, Linux, and MacOS. And the tool is free. It comes with quite a few customizations on the Windows variant. You can enable the dual monitor mode if you have two monitor screens connected. This is a nifty feature for anyone who is looking for live wallpapers on both the screens. Other than that you can even enable sound and control the volume. If the selected video file had any background music, that would be played along with the wallpaper.

There is also an option that will automatically start the program with Windows start-up and will also start your live wallpaper automatically. It is recommended that you choose a smaller video file for better performance and less resource usage. Also, if you are doing any other graphics-intensive activity such as playing a game or editing a video, it is recommended that you stop playing the live wallpaper.

Set animated live video wallpaper as Windows desktop background

Now coming to what wallpaper options you have. It is true that you can play any video file, but your normal video files are not going to look well as animated or live wallpapers. But not to worry as DesktopHut gives you access to thousands of free animated wallpapers that you can download. The wallpapers are available as video files and can be downloaded separately and then used with DesktopHut.

There are a lot of free wallpapers available both in HD and 4K formats. You can easily find a wallpaper for your favorite game, vehicle or something more abstract for that matter. The wallpapers are small in size (around 25MBs) and work well with DesktopHut. If you are not able to find the perfect live wallpaper, you can also create one and use it as your wallpaper.

The tool is not just suitable for animated wallpaper, but also other cases. Like if you simply want to play something on your desktop and don’t want a separate media player. DesktopHut is quite useful in such cases plus it also looks cool.

Live wallpapers look good. Though they consume some extra resources, as far as you are on your desk and plugged in, it should never be a problem. And in case you want to play a game or so, you can always turn them off temporarily. DesktopHut is quite flexible and gives you all the options as a live wallpaper utility.

Visit to download DesktopHut. Remember to decline any third-party software which it may offer to install. Please also read the comments below.

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