How to see and delete the Contacts you have shared with Facebook

Facebook is getting smarter in the way it interacts with people. You might have noticed the “People you may know” feature wherein Facebook suggests some random persons across the globe whom you may know directly or indirectly. You might as well wonder at how come Facebook is so cognizant about whom I may know on this vast social network.

Well, you won’t have to look that deep for an answer. It is quite possible that you only have told Facebook about these contacts. In today’s post, we will guide you on how to see and delete the contacts that you have shared with Facebook, possibly unknowingly.

See contacts you shared with Facebook

How to see and delete the Contacts you have shared with Facebook

By any means, if you have shared your email and phone contacts with Facebook in past, these can be used to ameliorate a more familiar “People you may know” list. Now, you may not remember sharing these details, but it is quite possible that you got convinced somewhere, sometime in the past to hand over these contact details to Facebook.

Here’s what Facebook has to say regarding this:

You can choose to upload contacts and info about them from your phone and store them on Facebook’s servers where they may be used to make friend suggestions for you and others and to help us provide a better service.

Nevertheless, there exists a way to check the contact details you accidentally shared with Facebook. You can see the phone and email contacts here that you might have uploaded to the social site while using Facebook Messenger.

How to see and delete the Contacts you have shared with Facebook

If you’ve chosen to continuously upload your address book to Facebook, you may have ended up uploading more than just the email and contact number. If this is the case, you can view and download your information uploaded on Facebook. Additionally, you can turn the Continuous uploading feature off in Facebook app for your Android/iPhone by turning off the Upload contacts setting in your app.

So if you do not want this happening again, open the settings on your Facebook Messenger app and turn off Contact Syncing.

Delete contacts you shared with Facebook

You can see the email contacts you’ve shared with Facebook here. If everything boils down to your privacy, you can choose to delete these contacts that you’ve uploaded to Facebook. Just select the contact which you want to wipe out and click on Delete selected button on the top bar. In addition to this, you can select all contacts at once and delete them from Facebook servers, by selecting the Remove all contacts option.

How to see and delete the Contacts you have shared with Facebook

You can make sure that you delete your uploaded contact details to Facebook, but that doesn’t necessarily make you invisible. If some of your friends have uploaded their contact details to Facebook which includes you as well, then Facebook is aware that you both know each other. Hence, your privacy is not entirely in your hands here.

Check this post if you want to turn off Facebook pop up Conversations Chat tab feature.

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