How to enable or disable Secure Logon in Windows 10

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  1. You mentioned “Secure logon offers a keystroke sequence that cannot be intercepted by any application.” That’s not quite true. If you use remote software like TeamViewer you can select to send a Ctrl+Alt+Del command to the remotely connected PC. It can also be done via a sctipt or a dos regedit meaning that it can be bypassed by a trojan or virus.

  2. Hi Anand. That could prevent access yes, though a lot of remote software these days may be running as a Windows service and if SAS disables access to the input command such as C-A-D then great, if not then the service will have to be stopped too. As for getting access for many remote IT Staff, then a group policy script may have to be run to grant access to any machines needing remote support, and that’s quite a lot these days.Still, a great post. You guys always have great articles.

  3. You can send a Ctrl+Alt+Del with another program but the idea is that other programs can’t act on it. If it were a malicious login screen then the “task manager/ctr+alt+del screen” would hopefully come up.

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