Screenshots: Right Click Context Menu Extender v 2.0


  1. my purpose is not solved,actually context menu sub option “new” does not show MS Office components i.e words,excel,PP and access etc, how to go ahead pse guide

  2. Is there a way to just add simple commands such as “view” &”edit” in the (right click) context menu? Id like to for instance “edit” an htm file w notepad++, or view it with it. I cant get in the ‘new’ default programs setup. i tried adding it for txt files to ‘bring it in’ but no go. just acts as an option, or I can ‘choose'(LOL) to have it be default “open. Wow. I never realized how unuser friendly win7 is for anything “outside the box’. Thank-u & nice site (noob here:)

  3. Have you tried “file menu tools” this free tool allows you to add anything to the right click, with an icon next to it if you so wish.

  4. I’m grateful for all the work developers put into these products. still the world of context menu shells is ridiculous. I have downloaded 10 products and between those ten I could remove some but not all shell entries other products registered. one of the problems is that some of the context managers show the shells as they appear in the registry making them unidentifiable. others only list,add or remove their own items. the ones that Identify a few of them remove the visible shell but not the path so it’s not really uninstalling them. On the whole face of the earth no such thing exists. it’s probably because of too many ways and locations shells are registered. here’s what needs to happen someday. a shell utility must show every menu and submenu and drop menu in a stack of cascading tabbed windows. where for example is the alt move menu and several others throughout the system. it would show the entry as it is named and appears in that particular menu, it would show the full path and all entries in tree format clicking each individually with the ability to reg jump to those locations by clicking those individually. it would detect third party menus and include them. if dependencies or some other unforeseen problem prevented removal of the full path it would still sever the shell from the menu. it would be scriptable instead of having a million buttons or check boxes since there are too many possibilities to fit there. the product forums and user community could provide scripts to each other. it would be able to nuke all menus to factory default if things got out of hand. it would provide the option to add a further submenu to any submenu. and I’m probably not even remembering everything off hand. Please god, if anybody knows a shareware that does everything I’m saying then please provide me with the download url, I’m buying because I’m going to lose my mind in the world of shell extensions.

  5. OMG All I want to do is re-position the fkn delete command and move it up away from the rename command …I cant find any info on doing this!

  6. Where is the custom menu?
    From the help file: Custom Menu: Lets you choose an application to add to the Desktop Right-Click Menu

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