Top 5 Scrabble games for Windows 10

The good old Scrabble game has an unrivaled user base, which whether on board or online, cannot be shared by any other similar game. Scrabble is game where we need to arrange letter tiles together to make words. This classic game has millions of enthusiasts, and almost every person into writing or literature has played it. Of late, this game has one of the largest following among social media intellectuals. However, few know that these games could be downloaded to your Windows PC as a desktop app, making your life much easier.

Scrabble games for Windows 10

Here is a list of the best Scrabble games for Windows 10 PC.

1] Word with Friends

Scrabble games for Windows 10

I am not sure if I should call it the most famous Scrabble game online, but most of my Facebook friends keep posting to invite for random game partners to play it along. I made friends with a lot of strangers online after being invited over for the game. While the newer version of Words with Friends 2 has been launched with significant improvements, the original one remains a favorite with the users. Rather, two things the second version doesn’t offer are connecting over a dedicated chat window on Facebook and a desktop app.

Words with Friends allows players to create a challenge against anyone in the Facebook friend list as well as anyone whose ID is known to them. Obviously, it’s for the person to accept the challenge or not.

The board has positions upon which if we place the tiles, it would double or triple the score for a specific letter or word. They are marked as DL, TL, DW, and TW.

The best part about Words with Friends is that it helps to socialize with strangers across countries. Ideally, most of us are on Facebook, but we can’t just connect with random people. Words with Friends keeps prompting us to challenge random opponents to score points, and when we connect over a game, the adjoining chat window is what helps us introduce ourselves. Get this game from the Microsoft store here.

2] Fundox


Of all the Scrabble apps I have ever played, Fundox offers the maximum for those who wish to learn to play with words. While it nowhere shares the user base of Words with Friends, perhaps because it isn’t much of a social app, Fundox helps analyze words created on a sheet later and also displays details while playing.

The gameplay is classic, no surplus points for any letter (or better say a fixed one point for every letter), just usual word making like on a usual Scrabble board. The app allows up to 4 players to compete. One of the players is designated as the Captain, and he/she decides the goal of the game which is a certain number of saturation points. E.g. 30 or 50 points. Whosoever reaches that goal first wins the game.

However, the scoring and gameplay aren’t what the game is important for. The USP is that we get to check how we played and analyze. Scrabble other than a fun game is good vocabulary and is that is something you wish to learn, Fundox is the best option. Download the game from Microsoft store here.

3] ConnectWords


A variant of the usual Scrabble, ConnectWords doesn’t have pre-defined tiles as we would typically expect. We simply make words by joining the letter we have sequentially, something like an app made on the principle of “Banana Scrabble.” While primarily a single player game, the rating shows it is pretty popular, perhaps because of people like things that are simple.

ConnectWords has a suave interface, marble white and calculates points on the side. Whoever scores the threshold first wins. The interface keeps getting wider as the players form more words. Get the app from the Microsoft store here.

4] SpeedWords Arena

SpeedWords Arena

Another game from the makers of ConnectWords, SpeedWords Arena simply Banana Scrabble brought to an app. However, the game is time-based instead of points based. Whoever scores more till the timer ticks off wins. But you won’t need to wait for your rival to complete his turn as it’s always your turn. Basically, you are supposed to play as much as possible in a given period of time, and then they count scores.

The game allows scoring higher by making bonus star words. SpeedWords Arena is available at the Microsoft store here.

5] Wordsock Challenge

scrabble windows 10

A pretty simple Scrabble game, the good part is that its board is a square. Yup, it allows multiplayer options, but that isn’t what the app is good for. Basically, the best you could think of it is as a quick, yet simple game that could be played on the go. So if you are stuck in traffic or waiting in a queue and need to satisfy your urge for playing Scrabble, this would be the right app. While it doesn’t have options to double or triple your score, the score of each letter varies. Wordsock Challenge is available on the Microsoft store here.

Let us know if we missed your favorite Scrabble for Windows 10.

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