Best SaaS Endpoint Security & Protection software

In an era when business is hugely dependant on technology, IT security is a major concern for companies, be it small or big. Usually, medium-sized businesses or start-ups lack the bandwidth to deal with digital security issues and thus, tend to overlook major safety issues. In these cases especially an endpoint protected security system is a must-have. In fact, these software products have been making up for the lack of security experience in budding experiences. Especially, since SaaS is becoming more and more popular with business owners and tech professionals.

Software as a Service (SaaS) lets you use cloud-based security apps without hassle. The best example of Software as a Service (SaaS) I could think of are the Microsoft’s Office Web Apps. You can use these software from anywhere.

Endpoint Security is also referred to as Endpoint Protection or Network Security. Its objective is protecting corporate networks when accessed via remote devices such as laptops or other wireless devices and mobile devices.

SaaS Endpoint Security & Protection software

SaaS Endpoint Security Protection software

Here are the best SaaS Endpoint Security software picks in our opinion:

Kaspersky Total Business Security

The most widely used SaaS system has the most thoughtful provisions for endpoint protection for advanced and select business. Kaspersky Total Business Security is basically a security programme which works on all platforms and devices, and since it also works on apps, it is also the most accessible. Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business for Advanced edition and Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud edition makes it easier for start-ups and businesses to help them transition to the SaaS endpoint system.

Panda Defense

Arguably, the most recommended SaaS endpoint protection software, Panda’s Collective Intelligence, lets you keep tabs on questionable URLs and safeguard your network from malware and also detects potential threats. It also provides cross-platform protection and blocks USB, webcam, DVD from acquiring unauthorized access.

Bitdefender GravityZone

The Romanian security software not only features intensive monitoring of user behavior and potential threat but also used an organized cloud-based security feature which is high on safety.

Famous for its provision of Gravity Zone Business Security, Bitdefender is the most reliable endpoint SaaS system and is much better designed to ward off malware. Since it works with the firewall, the endpoint security is much more trusted in this one and file safety is a priority.

Symantec Endpoint Protection

Interestingly, Symantec claims that it’s security products are used by every Fortune 500 company. While I never dug deep into these facts, but yes, we know its on the top in the market. Now if the best of IT companies are considering their products for their own security, we could put a safe bet on the software. Symantec Endpoint Protection is a complete package which secures almost every gateway from attacks. It protects associated remote systems and mobile devices too.


From next-generation Home Network Scanner to Game Boosters, Bullguard is a total package. It’s multi-layered filters, and ransomware protection is an incredibly capable security detail. The cloud-run backup and security system also tracks security updates and includes Application Filtering which provides end-to-end protection during downloads. Bullguard also works with the firewall to check unauthorized attempts to connect an unknown device to the Internet.

Avast Business

From real-time notifications to anti-hacking webcam shield, Avast Business is designed for the high-end business security requirements. This system also has multi-layered protection and has a quick deployment response to the immediate security breach. Moreover, the Cloud-based Smart Scan lets you keep check on potential threats and malware.


Trend Micro

The Japanese multinational cyber security and defense company is the most reliable SaaS programme in the market. It blocks more than 200 million threats every day and has a much-applauded all-in-one cloud solution which has endpoint provisions and checks email security. It also features behavioral detection and app monitoring.


This system also has a multi-layered protection filter that takes care of all possible threats and malware. F-Secure has high-end provisions for business usage, and they not only safeguard company’s endpoints but also protects the entire IT infrastructure from hacking and other digital attacks. Their Cloud Protection Service also helps to keep user behavior in check and has tabs on unauthorized access to all platforms.

Sophos Complete Security Suite

This British brand protects more than 100 million users while serving more than 100,000 companies. Sophos Complete Security Suite provides options for endpoint protection across all platforms. From maintaining logs and reports to preventing intrusions, the software makes sure your system is secure.

McAfee Endpoint Protection Suite

While making this list, one brand I couldn’t forget is McAfee. McAfee Endpoint Protection Suite has a wide functionality which includes managing workstations, working machines, mobile devices, etc.

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