How to run Chrome OS on Windows PC

Chrome OS is an open sourced Linux-based OS designed by Google. The operating system comes preinstalled in some select devices. It is fast, stable and secure. Most of us usually don’t have devices that support chrome OS but anyways we always alternatives for Windows. We can definitely run Chrome OS on our Windows powered PC. Go through this tutorial to learn how to run Chrome OS on Windows.

The Google Canary Way

Step 1: To run this OS, you need Google Chrome Canary. Canary is the early build of new features of Chrome which is usually for developers and geeks, but even if you aren’t one, you can still download and install it on your PC.

Click here to download Google Chrome Canary.

Step 2: The installation process is as usual very easy and used to. Once the installation completes. You need to run Google Chrome Canary. Go to Settings and then click on ‘Open Ash Desktop’ button or simply you can press Ctrl+Shift+A and a new Chrome OS window will pop out.


The Virtual Way

In this way, we will virtualize the Chrome OS on your Windows PC. For this, you surely need Virtualbox or VMware. Well, Google doesn’t provide us their official OS downloads but we will use the unofficial OS build.

Step 1: Visit which is the OS download page. Click on the virtual box icon to download the image file for Virtualbox. Download and install VirtualBox.


Step 2: Run Virtualbox and create a new virtual machine. Choose the OS type as Linux and use the downloaded image file. Select the desired memory that you want to have on your Chrome OS system. Finally, run the machine and enjoy the virtual chrome OS.

The Portable Way

You can even install Chrome OS onto your USB drive and boot your PC from the USB drive, for this, you need to follow these steps.

Step 1: Download USB images of unofficial Chrome OS built from the link mentioned above. Download Windows Image Writer from here. Select the downloaded image file and then select your USB drive and click Write. A minimum of 4GB USB drive is recommended.


Step 2: Reboot your PC from the same USB drive. You’ve got your portable Chrome OS!

Chrome OS for PC is a good way to have a look onto the OS without having a Chrome Device. The OS we’ve used in our tutorial is the unofficial build by Hexxeh but still it works well! No doubt the OS runs smoothly on a PC.

Go here if you want to find out how to run Firefox OS on Windows PC and here to know how to install ChromeOS on an old laptop using Chromefy.

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  1. Luke Hagenbach

    maybe I’m a little slow here, but I downloaded Chrome Cannary, and it just seemed to be a version of Chrome browser, not Chrome OS. Is there a difference? Also, the step 2 of this method (Ctrl+Shift+A) did nothing. I did not see an option for “Open Ash Desktop” when going into settings either.

  2. Lavish

    Hey, i would like to mention that you cant run Chrome OS from Canary on Windows 8 but for sure you can run it in Windows 7 compatibility mode and the other thing, the latest version of Chrome Canary doesn’t come with this option. You may switch to a older version for this!

  3. It seems that this isn’t working anymore, at least not with the current version (27.0.1431.2 canary) on Win7

    I tried it on two different computers, without success

  4. rahul

    does the memory you dedicate to the new os gone forever to the os or will it just go back to the windows os when you close the program

  5. Lavish Thakkar

    Hello Rahul! The memory dedicated to the new OS is not gone forever, it is returned back to the system!

  6. Sheiraz Malik

    does it support .exe files and 64-bit os ???

  7. Elric

    Is this still valid? The hotkeys dont work and Ash Desktop is not there.

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