Unable to restore Temporary Internet Files folder location for Internet Explorer 11


  1. When I refer INetCache folder using any program and try to print its contents, it always it displays [“Content.IE5”, “counters.dat”, “desktop.ini”, “IE”, “Low”, “Virtualized”]. But when I access the same INetCache folder using IE11 browser, Tools->Internet Options->General->Browsing history-> Settings(click)->View files(click), I get different folder structure, which contains some favicon.ico files. How can I make my program to refer always these favicon.ico files instead of [“Content.IE5”, “counters.dat”, “desktop.ini”, “IE”, “Low”, “Virtualized”] ?

  2. hello eveyone i do really have a big problem all my files are deleted when I uninstall the EI11 is it possible to return it again please help me

  3. How do I go into the cache folder on Windows 10? I get permission denied even though the Security Tab says I should be able to access it.

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