Rename and tag music files quickly with TagScanner

We all love music. Some people love slow music, while some love hip-hop type. Many of us hold a huge collection of various kinds of music. Our collection is often based on the name of the artists, genre and may be albums. As we keep on adding new albums on our system, a need for proper management quickly arises. Renaming the files in our music collections is a tedious and time-consuming job. We need to go one by one to every file to rename it, but what would happen if we have thousands of music files on our PC? You should Tag your files to make it easy to locate them.

TagScanner review

The simple solution to this problem is to use TagScanner. Tagscanner is multifunctional software that helps us to manage and organize our music collection. It can rename and tag music files of different formats based upon their tag information. Multiple tags can be edited at the same time with Tagscanner. We can generate tag information, import tags information, replace the text and convert case in tags and file names very easily. Other than this, there are other functions like convert tag version, create playlists, re-formatting and re-arranging the tag fields that Tagscanner can do very easily.

The user interface of the application is quite attractive and is very simple to use. We just need to add a particular folder to the list, and the rest of the tasks like renaming, restructuring or trim can be done very easily with the help of Tagscanner application software.

rename and tag music files with TagScanner

For adding the folder to the list, we can go for either ‘drag-and-drop’ method or simply browse the folder to be added. Once a folder is added, we can review all its related information like name and format of the file and can also perform certain actions like changing the case, setting standard values, restructuring of the file, trimming file name, etc.

rename and tag music files with TagScanner

Features of TagScanner:

  • Can rename and tag music files by name and tag information
  • Multiple file tag editor
  • Multilanguage interface
  • Built-in multi-format player
  • Generate tag information from file/folder name
  • Support different version of ID3 and APE
  • Portability
  • Case conversion and version conversion functionality
  • Information from the online database like Amazon etc. about album info and covers.


There is no special requirement defined for the application to run. However, if we need to use the online features of the software, then there should be an Internet connection.

rename and tag music files with TagScanner

Tagscanner has four core functions, and each one has a separate tag on the upper side of the main window. Here is the short description of all the functions that can be performed using Tagscanner.

1) Music Renamer: Perform the task of renaming the file, which can be either a single file or a batch of files. For renaming a file, we can enter the renaming format, and the selected file will be renamed accordingly. For renaming, fixed literal character together with placeholder can be used.

rename and tag music files with TagScanner

To restructure the file based on tag information and trim filenames for max length, we need to check the checkbox.

2) Tag Editor: Tag editor is used to pinch some of the information about the file manually.

rename and tag music files with TagScanner

3) Tag Processors: It basically gives us few more manual controls other than what has not been provided in tag editor.

rename and tag music files with TagScanner

Functions like generating tag from the filenames, importing data about the tag from a text file and creating a new tag can be done easily in ‘tag processor’. Searching an album from different methods is also done in tag processor only.

4) List Maker: Functions like creating playlists and backing up all tag information are done here in List Maker. This tag is only touched when the rest of the work is neatly done in previous three tags. Here, we can select the songs and export them in multiple formats. There are many templates provided by Tagscanner to the users.

rename and tag music files with TagScanner

The application is 1.8 MB in size and can be downloaded here for free.

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  1. Arun Kumar

    I am using MP3Tag as of now. It works but I have a feeling files on Windows Media Player show a different tag (probably downloaded from the Internet) as against the information in the tags I created/edited. Wonder if that is default characteristics of WMP or weakness of MP3Tag. Needs to check out this tag editor.

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