Remove the Background of a Picture with Microsoft Word


  1. Wow. That is amazing. I had no idea Microsoft Word had that capability. Very cool. I tried it out on a few pictures, and it’s pretty spot on when it comes to knowing what’s foreground and background.

    Thanks for the post! I’ll be using that feature quite a bit!

  2. I can verify it works fine with Office 2010 with no issues. Works a lot better than I expected it to. Obviously not as good as someone that is an expert at Photoshop (better than a novice like me can do with Photoshop, though!), but it really does get the job done for an Word document.

  3. It’s not an exact science… I used your picture above and tried to closely match your same selection. I either lost the legs of both of the skaters, or lost the left leg of the girl. I had to then use the other two options: Mark Areas to Remove/Keep and that got me a whole lot closer. Very handy tip never the less!

  4. @Shiwangi
    Specifically what do you mean by: “Before you remove the background from the picture it is very important to compress the picture so as to retain the details in the original picture.”?
    Does that help the selection algorithm or are you just saying not to manipulate the original picture?

  5. Yeah Paultx Office 2010 has this feature of removing the background and thnq Dustin 🙂

  6. Lol I agree Dustin it works great and certainly helpful for someone not good at Photoshop 🙂

  7. Hey Nick even I faced such issues initially but after resting the picture once it worked fine for me..well, the Mark Areas to Remove/ Keep options also help.

  8. I have word 2013, I am using a surface pro. I have previously used this function (in other word versions), with this version, I can only “remove background” and “keep changes” the options of mark areas to keep or remove does not appear at all….. not even shadowed out like it might be there but with no access,,, it’s not there at all, which makes this useless to me. any suggestions on how to find it or access it?

  9. I would have been very impressed with this writers attempt to provide such an interesting tip if she had bothered to mention WHICH VERSION OF WORD. After being frustrated as to why I could not get it to work, I reset my browser to allow comments only to find the answer listed by readers. A simple mention from the writer would have saved me the wasted time.

  10. This “article” looks like an email sent between English as a Second
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  12. Hey Aimee I am using Word 2010 and it works fine for me. The comments below somehow tell that the feature is not supported by other versions of MS Word.

  13. Oh ! Johny I sincerely apologize for my mistake of not mentioning the version here..I should have mentioned in the post that I am using Word 2010. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

  14. I really like this feature but then when I save the picture it becomes a .docx and then I can’t open it in any other program such as Paint. What do I do so that I can further edit it in Paint, Picasa, etc. ?

  15. Its pretty easy to remove background from any image in Microsoft word. But I am thinking about the quality of the work. Is it really good technique to adopt for all kinds of images?

  16. My Word doesn’t have a “Remove Background” in the “Adjust” area. I tried to “add” it in the customize bar, but it still doesn’t show up in the “Adjust” area. Help please.

  17. You can select the picture
    Go to format picture
    Then recolor
    Click set transparent color
    Then click the parts of the picture you don’t want.

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  20. Has this featured been removed from Office 2013? I used it a lot but can’t find this and a lot of the other picture editing tools on my new pc.

  21. You are correct – you can’t do this in Windows, as Windows is not a word processor. Suggest you use Word instead.

  22. So till now I have used Photoshop only to remove the background from any image, and haven’t tried Microsoft word yet for this. After seeing your post now I am kind of interested to try this process now, thank you for the tutorial.

  23. I never knew Microsoft words can do this. I guess most of the people are unaware about this feature of Microsoft word. This article is really good. Thanks a lot for this wonderful article with broad description and tutorial for MS Word. I really found it helpful. Definitely going to use it next time. Really appreciate your work. Thanks again.

  24. Yes, it’s really so amazing. I am so happy to find your blog. Many many thanks for sharing with us.

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