How to remove Slide number from PowerPoint slides

You might have observed that while trying to save a PowerPoint presentation as a PDF file or getting it printed as a handout, slide numbers appear under the slide. The same also appears in Print Preview and the PDF files. This post will show you how to remove slide numbers in PowerPoint handout. This can be useful when printing. It also lets you shuffle PPT presentation slide deck without confusion.

remove Slide number from PowerPoint slides

Remove Slide number from PowerPoint

To remove slide numbers in PowerPoint handout:

  1. Launch Office PowerPoint that has slide numbers in it.
  2. Switch to ‘Insert’ tab and navigate to ‘Text’. There, look for the ‘Slide Number’ option.
  3. Click it to open ‘Header and Footer’ dialog box.
  4. Under it, select ‘Slide’ tab uncheck the box marked against ‘Slide Number’ option.
  5. Here, if you would like to remove the numbers from an individual slide, select slide in the presentation, then select ‘Apply’.
  6. For removing the numbers from all the slides, select ‘Apply to All’.

Also, you might be interested in knowing how to remove the slide number from the title slide only. Numbering the title slide is not essential as the name itself suggests, it is the beginning of a presentation and as such, removing the slide number from the title slide would appear as a better option.

So, to remove the slide number from the title slide, go to ‘Slide Number’ visible under the ‘Text Group’ of ‘Insert’ tab to open ‘Text‘ group to open ‘Header and Footer’ dialog box.

Here, check the box adjacent to the ‘Don’t Show on the Title Slide’ option.

Again, if you want to do it for the individual title slide the title slide, select ‘Apply’. For forcing this change for all the title slides, choose ‘Apply to All’.

Although Slide numbers offer an easy and a convenient way to navigate to a specific slide (if it holds some important information) of your PowerPoint presentation, slide numbers may not be necessary.

Hope this helped!

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