How to completely remove Candy Crush Saga from Windows 10

Microsoft, at the time of Windows 10 launch had announced that hit mobile game Candy Crush Saga would come pre-installed in Windows 10. It is a highly addictive game from King and joins the ranks with Solitaire, Minesweeper and Hearts, games which are integral to the Windows platform. I checked up my Lenovo Yoga tablet and found that it was pre-installed on it.

uninstall Candy Crush Saga windows 10

While one can always uninstall Store apps by right-clicking on its icon and selecting Uninstall, I found this method to be more reliable and complete.

Remove Candy Crush Saga from Windows 10

Type powershell in the search box and a blue Command Prompt-like screen should popup on your computer screen.

Type the following command in the PowerShell window and hit Enter.

Get-AppxPackage -Name

Now, in the results displayed on the screen, look for the following: or a something similar, under the ‘PackageFullName’ line.

Copy the complete ‘PackageFullName’ for the correct application.

Package Name

If you get no results, aybe something changed in subsequent versions of Windows 10. You may run the following command to get the ‘PackageFullName’:


Once you have the PackageFullName, type ‘Remove-AppxPackage’ add space and paste or type the ‘PackageFullName’ extracted in the earlier step.


Press Enter for the command to run.

remove package

Thereafter, the uninstallation process will be completed.

To verify whether the process was successful, repeat step 2. This time the command will not display anything indicating, your request has been affirmed and Candy Crush Saga game has been removed.

removed saga

Users can also check the Windows 10 Start Menu to find out whether the Candy Crush Saga app still exists or not.

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  1. Dennis Comito

    Tried on 8/7/17 and doesn’t work.

  2. Ukko Metso

    The game just keeps coming back.

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