How to Remotely Control Windows Virtual Machine

This tutorial will tell you how to remotely control the Windows 8 virtual machine. Most of the people installed Windows using VirtualBox and VMware. Sometimes we need to transfer files from virtual machine to host system and vice versa. Establishing a Remote Desktop Connection and simply carrying out a copy-paste operation is the best practice to transfer files from one Operating System to other.

Remotely Control Windows Virtual Machine

Today we will see how a remote desktop connection can be established to control Windows 8 installed on VMware using Remote Desktop connection from Windows 7 host System. But the same procedure will apply for Windows 10 too.

We will need to change some settings before starting the connection.

Settings for the Host System

  1. In Windows 7 host first, go to Control Panel > System and Security>System. Click on allow remote access
  2. Under Remote Assistance, the check-box ‘Allow Remote Assistance connections to this computer’ must be checked.
  3. ‘Allow connections from computers running any versions of Remote Desktop’ radio button must be checked

Settings for Windows Virtual Machine

  1. In Windows 8 tap, the Control Panel tile.
  2. Go to More Settings at the bottom of settings list. You will find the same desktop interface of Control Panel here.
  3. Repeat the same operation as in Windows 7.


If you are using VMware Virtual Machine, you will find VMware Network Adapter installed in both the Host as well as Virtual System. To find it press Window+R key to open Run command and type ncpa.cpl.

You will find VMware Network Adapter.

Assign a suitable non-identical IP Address to both the machines.

Now it’s time to start Remote Desktop Connection

  1. Open Remote Desktop Connection
  2. Type the IP Address of Windows 8 machine and click connect
  3. Enter the credentials to log on to Windows 8.

That’s it! It’s all done!

Now if you want to use Remote Desktop from Windows 8, it is advisable to do a neat install, and Remote Desktop Connection can be established over a LAN or to another Guest System since it’s a complex case to remotely control a Host system from a Virtual Machine.

Let us look at the steps.

  1. Perform the above-mentioned settings on both the systems
  2. Tap the Remote Desktop Tile
  3. Enter the IP Address of the target system
  4. Enter the credentials

Now you can easily transfer files from one system to other and perform various operations easily using Remote Desktop.

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  1. Juliet Bell

    In addition to above, you can remotely control Windows 8 machine using tools like logmein, R-HUB remote support servers etc. They work well.

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