Regsvr32 in Windows: Explanation, command, usage & error messages


  1. The vast majority of windows errors are caused by corrupted entries in Windows registry. These registry entries are responsible for how windows manages programs that are installed and all information stored on the computer. If the registry fails, so will the windows.

  2. Windows should be smarter by now.
    1) They should mark ALL default Windows reg settings in BLACK,
    with ALL non windows settings (applications, programs, changed user settings) in RED
    2) There should be a right-click/reset system defaults option (recover from malware, etc)
    3) Default Windows directory should be password protected. (Malware cannot infect system areas with read only access, & both malware & windows updates should have to request the password to write to this area. NOTHING should be writable here, without password.)
    4) Windows should reserve a specific area of the HDD/SDD for internet only use, & allow fragmentation of files in these areas, since they are temporary, anyway.
    5) Windows should NOT try to fragment user files, but try to store files complete, only resorting to fragmentation when no there is not space to store files complete (eliminate constant need to defrag)
    6) Windows SHOULD ship with only BARE MINIMAL services, resources, & apps loading that are needed.
    7) Programs should be restricted to a single folder. Uninstallers could be eliminated, because eliminating the folder would eliminate the entire program. Uninstallers are only needed because programs litter the registry with thousands of entries, spread files in program files/common program files/app data/windows dir etc. Limiting apps to ONLY an App area would eliminate having to have an uninstaller & prevent files overwriting each other & causing problems. Wouldnt it be nice if there was just a simple C:AppsInternet Explorer (eliminate internet explorer folder, its completely gone!)

    Reason this does not happen, is they are more concerned with $$$ than making things easier. They could do this, if they wanted. This is also the same reason CD/DVD’s you buy are littered with illegal copy protection schemes. Yes, it is illegal for a company or corporation to sell you something as a “Sale” and then try to maintain ownership of it by claiming you must do this or that because it is really a rental. Dual ownership doesn’t =a sale, it is a rental.

    I know plenty of ways to make things easier.

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