Create shortcuts to Registry keys using Registry Shortcuts freeware

Registry Shortcuts is a freeware that creates shortcuts to any Registry key. The shortcut allows you to quickly navigate to the Registry key in the Registry Editor and to view its values in File Explorer. As mentioned in the title, if you are regular in editing using the Windows Registry Editor or any other third party tool, you might be accessing particular keys now and then. If that is done with the traditional method, it can be cumbersome. This is where Registry Shortcuts can help you!

Create shortcuts to Registry keys

What makes the usage of this program a bit complicated is the fact that there is no User Interface. But working with it for a while makes things easier and you will find it to be pretty straightforward.

After you install this program, a new context menu item for Folders will appear. The item will be Registry shortcuts and its sub-menus are – Paste the registry paths that have been copied to the Clipboard earlier and Create from Registry Editor bookmarks.

For Paste, a proper syntax of the path must be ensured to be followed. It will work fine for you if you right-click on a key in the Registry Editor and then select the option labeled as Copy Key Name from the context menu. It should also work fine if you copy the path from other third-party websites and sources.

It is worth noting that copying the path from the address bar of the Registry Editor and pasting it does not work properly yet. This might be a minute incompatibility bug with Windows 10. But other than that, it works fine.

After you are done with copying the path to the Clipboard, you need to hit Shift on your keyboard and right-click on a folder and Paste inside, the registry shortcuts entry. This will create a new shortcut for you.

Now, when you hit this newly created shortcut, it takes you directly to that location.

In case, you copied multiple paths, and when you paste them, the software is smart enough to segregate them individually and create multiple shortcuts for multiple paths. This is so because the software puts different paths on different lines.

Also, in case you have created any Registry Favourites earlier, it will let you turn them into those useful shortcuts as well.

However, the shortcuts that you create, do not mention the whole path in the label, but rather names it after the Key it is pointing to. This helps you differentiate these shortcuts. If you want, you can use a plain editor to open the shortcut in order to reveal its full path and edit it as well.

Registry Shortcuts free download

If this freeware matches your needs, the publisher of the software has hosted it on his website, and you can get the suitable files for your machine from their website.

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