Recover WiFi Password in Windows with WiFi Password Dump & WiFi Password Decryptor

In this hi-tech world you really don’t need to remember the passwords. Everything is saved automatically like your Routers, E-mails or any other site’s password are saved in browsers or usethird-party tool to save the passwords. There might be cases where we connect the WiFi to our laptop. But you don’t remember what the password was, because you saved the password, and now Windows automatically connect to the WiFi router or maybe your IT guy or ISP support helped you in setting everything up. So at a later time you might need to know what that password was, not everyone knows how to go into the router and change the password or know what password it was. In such situation we can use these handy little tools called WiFi Password Dump & WiFi Password Decryptor.

Recover WiFi Password

Our Windows operating system uses its built-in ‘Wireless Configuration Manager‘ which helps in managing your Wireless connections. Depending up on operating system Wireless Configuration Manager uses different techniques and different locations to save the WiFi passwords. According to an article by the location for Windows XP or Server 2003 you’ll find the password in the following location.


Each GUID represents different wireless devices and is stored under a value called ActiveSettings. Windows used its own technology called Windows Cryptography for encryption. And for Windows Vista, 7 & 8 you’ll find the configuration below:


Yes, for Windows Vista, instead of the registry ‘Wireless Configuration Manager’, uses an XML file instead of the registry key.

WiFi Password Dump

WiFi Password Dump is a simple command line utility which will decrypt the encrypted password saved by Wireless Configuration Manager from the mentioned locations. It’s very simple and easy to use application.


  • Search for this tool on
  • Extract the files and run the install
  • It will download some components of Internet (Remember it will also prompt to install some Registry Cleaner, Free Proxy etc. You can click on Decline to cancel it)
  • Once the install it complete run the file
  • You’ll get the command prompt with the passwords like the screenshot above.

WiFi Password Decryptor

If you want a GUI version instead of this command line version, you can download WiFi Password Decryptor from the same developers. It does the exact same thing as WiFi Password Dump, but it will have a neat GUI screen.


Here you find all the list of passwords saved by your Wireless Configuration Manager on your Windows. Just right-click, and click on Copy to get the password. You can even export to an HTML, Text or XML format. Remember it will only recover the password if you have already saved the password in Windows. If you forgot the WiFi password even before entering it in Windows, then you may need to find other tools that will recover the password from directly from your router. You can search for this tool on

I guess this tool will help users who use Laptops in different locations. Let us know your feedback about this tool.

This post will show you how to find WiFi password in Windows via Control Panel or CMD.

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  1. Paul

    I am using a FREE software to backup all my ID and Passwords. Maybe some of you might want to try this. It had saved my hide several times. The software is called “BlackBox”. Can be download from vendor’s website directly.

  2. Erniek

    A wee bit more info on blackbox would be helpful, possibly the web address, so that others can have a look at it.

  3. myr4ik07

    And the properties of the wireless connection why not use?

  4. Jeider M Damm

    There’s no need of Third Party software to recover these passwords. You can easily do this by running this command as Administrator:

    On Windows 8 and later:
    netsh wlan export profile interface=wi-fi key=clear folder=c:

    On Windows 7:
    netsh wlan export profile interface=wireless network interface key=clear folder=c:

    “folder” is the address for a place where the decrypted xml profiles will be saved. Just open each one and see the decrypted passwords for all saved SSIDs on the computer.

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