Best Real-time tactics games for Windows 10

Real-time tactic games are games which focus on known tactics to gain the upper hand in the play and win it. Unlike real-time strategy games, the focus is not on the individual player for real-time tactic games.

Real-time tactics games for Windows 10

More than the combat, the focus is on the tactical and operational aspects. Eg. Players are expected to explore the terrain, form units, etc. to succeed with a tactical game.

  1. Tiny Troopers 2
  2. Mercs of Boom
  3. March of Empires – War of Lords
  4. Rummi
  5. Eternium
  6. Blitz Brigade
  7. Brave Order
  8. Eternal Card Game
  9. Medieval Battlefields
  10. The Romans

Here is the list of the best real-time tactic games for Windows 10 from the Microsoft Store:

1] Tiny Troopers 2

Tiny Troopers 2

Tiny Troopers was the most successful real-time tactic game from the Microsoft Store. But its sequel has surpassed its record. The story involves getting into a humvee and heading into the enemy territory. You have to build your troops, assign them locations, and weaponry for the battle. Other than this, you can place the medics and fire-fighting squads at tactical positions just in case the troops start falling. Check more about the game on the Microsoft Store.

2] Mercs of Boom

Real-time tactics

Mercs of Boom is a turn-based real-time tactic game. The gameplay is set in a futuristic world where players can be handed deadly weapons, implants, hi-tech armor, and gadgets. The opponent can also hand similar equipment to its players. Then wait for your turn and while watching the outcome of the current one. It has an enticing story, and the wars are global. The game is available on the Microsoft Store here.

3] March of Empires – War of Lords

March of Empires

The story of March of Empires is as follows. You can choose to be either a Northern Tsar, a Highland King, or a Desert Sultan. Your kingdom is under threat from the barbarians, and you need to create tactics to protect it. Create your armies, build protective buildings, and form invasion plans to gain the upper hand in the battle. As you win through the game and earn points, you could use them to upgrade your resources. Learn more about the game on the Microsoft Store here.

4] Rummi


Yes, this is the good old card game Rummy. I included it in the list for a reason. The outcome in Rummi depends a lot on the tactic administered while playing it. Unlike most other card games, Rummi is more of a science than an art. There are fixed principles to succeed in the game. A software version is available on the Microsoft Store here.

5] Eternium


While Eternium is a known action RPG game, the tactical part plays a lot, if importance in the outcome. If you are bored if the traditional real-time tactic games, here is one with great graphics and an excellent story for you. Eternium is based in an ancient world with mystical creatures. Other than the gameplay, you need to be smart while choosing the weaponry and wise while deciding upon the tactics. The game could be downloaded from the Microsoft Store.

6] Blitz Brigade – Rival Tactics

Blitz Brigade

The original Blitz Brigade has been upgraded to a real-time tactic game. You are the commander of an 8-men combat force. The government supplies you with weapons and equipment, and your job is to grow your army with the resources. The preparation of the battle is as important as the battle itself. The more you win, the more resources you get. Learn more about the game from the Microsoft Store here.

7] Brave Order

Brave Order

Brave Order is a new game on the Microsoft Store. It is yet to gain reputation; however, the graphics, gameplay, and characters are pretty interesting. The story if the game is as follows. A war has broken between the four elemental gods of Earth, Fire, Water, and Void. You need to arrange an army and direct it for a battle to win the mortal realm back and restore balance. The game could be downloaded from the Microsoft Store here.

8] Eternal Card Game

Eternal Card Game

Card games are the best examples of tactical games. While the outcome of many of them is purely based on chance, the tactic used matters for a few. The Eternal Card Game presents a mystical card. They have varying powers and numbers. The players need to use tactics to decide which card is to be played when and how. If you are lucky, you might get that one card which kills all enemies in one go. Check more about this amazing game on the Microsoft Store here.

9] Medieval Battlefields

Medieval Battlefields

The story of Medieval Battlefields is set in the Dark Ages. Following the decline of the Roman Empire, the culture in Western Europe is declining. It is a period of cultural, demographic, and economic deterioration. This has led to wars amongst factions to assure their survival. You need to build your castles, train your army, and strategize for war to gain supremacy. The game is available on the Microsoft Store.

10] The Romans

The Romans

As the name makes it obvious, The Romans is a game set in the Roman era. The game is more of a board game brought to the computer than anything else. It involves using tactics to strategize against the enemy. You can decide on the arena, create your army, and build structures. Check more about the game on the Microsoft Store here.

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