How to use Read Mode feature in Word 2016/2013

The changes in appearance and layout will be immediately visible to anyone who sees the new version of the Word. The new word processing program Microsoft Word 2016/2013 looks much better than the older version. Since this is not the final version of the Microsoft’s favorite text editor, what we could do at this point is try to adapt ourselves to the new features included. One feature that we will explore today is ‘Read Mode’ of Microsoft Word.

Read Mode Feature in Word

Word 2013 to some extent sports a Metro user interface with new features. And one such new feature is the availability of a new reading mode. ‘Reading Mode’, sounds quite unusual, isn’t it? Most people recognize the Office application as either a text-editor or as a tool to create documents but not as a reading app. But once those documents are written and shared, they’re read. With this information in mind, the Word engineering team wanted to focus on creating a refreshed, modern reading experience for the new Word; one that optimized for the times when the user is focused on consuming, not creating, content. ‘Read Mode’ feature aims to change this.

When you open any Word document in the Read Mode, you will observe that the document is transformed into an interactive digital magazine. While doing so, it removes all the toolbars and tabs from the interface and provides only basic reading tools.

Turn on Read Mode

If you wish to enable or switch to the Read Mode in Word 2013, do the following:

Open a document in Word and find and click on the ‘Read Mode’ icon at the bottom, to activate the reading mode. The icon is present just below your document. Check out the screenshot below!

After you click it, your document will be displayed in columns layout. You will notice read mode arrows being displayed on both, right as well as the left-hand side. This is to provide easy navigation.

If you wish, you could set the width of the column by clicking the ‘View’ menu option and choosing ‘Column Width’. Apart from this, there are other tools also present for setting the page layout, color, etc.

Color option of the read mode allows you to select a color you would like to read your document in. There are three choices offered (None, Sepia, Inverse)

You can choose the one to set the color of your document in the read mode.

If your Document contains any comment, they can be read in Read Mode as well. To read them in the read mode simply select the Show Comments menu option from the View menu option.

The comments can then be read alongside the document.

Read Mode reflows the document to the constraints of the device on which you’re reading, ensuring that reading feels as comfortable on a 7” screen as a 24” one – a set of columns fit the screen that scrolls from left to right. It creates these columns automatically based on three user-configurable settings: Column width preference, Text size & Window size.

Try the Read Mode on Microsoft Office and let us know your experience.

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