RainWallpaper brings live animated Wallpapers to Windows 10

Windows has been offering us pretty much the same when it comes to wallpapers and screensavers. We did get Windows themes to post Windows 7, but the intuitiveness of the wallpaper has not been impressive. For instance, Apple recently showed its Dynamic Desktop feature for the macOS Mojave. In this article, we will guide you through some simple and easy ways to set animated wallpaper on your Windows using RainWallpaper. RainWallpaper is free software that brings live, animated wallpapers to your Windows 10/8/7 computer.

Use Animated Wallpapers for Windows 10

Animated Wallpapers for Windows 10

Animated Wallpapers are nothing new per se. But until now a majority of the available options are not free of cost. I remember seeing animated wallpaper on my friends Windows Vista back in the days.

Before we begin, please note that by using animated wallpaper, you are burdening the CPU with more work. It is quite likely that the battery performance of your laptop might take a plunge.

RainWallpaper is a recently launched Live Wallpaper program and is optimized for Windows 10. The makers of this program market the app as portable, and I would say it is pretty light at 100MB.

RainWallpaper currently bundles four dynamic wallpapers, and users will be able to easily switch between the same. The software can be controlled via a system icon tray, or you can also create a shortcut for the same. I found the software to be non-intrusive since it loaded quietly in the background and didn’t interfere with my day to day work.

The user interface displays all the wallpapers in a thumbnail format, and it also lets you download additional wallpapers from the DevianArt page. Interestingly new wallpapers are being uploaded regularly, and this should keep you from getting bored. Thankfully all the Live Wallpapers are segregated based on their genre. So if you are a nature lover, you can select landscapes.


Most of the settings can be controlled from the System Tray. For instance, users can select a new wallpaper to display, open the settings, and mute or pause wallpapers from the RainWallpaper system tray. For advanced options, it is better to make use of the main interface. I also loved the way RainWallpaper handles the things; the software automatically pauses the wallpaper while playing full-screen games or any other task intensive programs.

RainWallpaper free download

As explained earlier the RainWallpaper offers Windows 10 users a cool way to customize their desktops. The only downside is the increase in power consumption, otherwise, the tool works perfectly fine. And before we forget this is where you can download the tool from Softpedia – It offers the earlier free version. The recent versions are no longer free, however.

You can also use freeware BioniX Wallpaper Changer to set an animated GIF as the desktop background on your Windows PC.

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